29The essence of education is to let the child be yourself – Sohu|The essence of education is to let the child be yourself – Sohu7

The essence of education is to let children "be yourself" – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual text: Zhou Guoping now I put my favorite educational ideas list. They do have the characteristics of Proverbs: the essence of things is simple as directed, Oracle, and simple common sense. Education is growth, growth is purpose, and there is no purpose beyond growth. This argument was put forward by Rousseau, and then Dewey made a further analysis. "Education is the growth of" concise and comprehensive out the essence of education, is to make the ability of each person and the nature of innate healthy growth, rather than the outside of things such as knowledge into a container. Socrates had pointed out that knowledge is the inherent ability of each individual soul, then the wise men claim they can not originally knowledge into the soul, Socrates laughed, as if they can put the vision into blind eyes. To understand the principle of "education is growth", we also know what education should do. For example, is the ability to develop intellectual curiosity and rational thinking, rather than instill knowledge; moral education is to encourage the lofty spirit of the pursuit, but not with standard; aesthetic education is to cultivate rich soul, rather than teaching skills. Second: children are not yet grown adults, childhood has its own intrinsic value to children as a future existence ", a not yet grown adult, in the" adult "seemed to have little value, and the only goal of education is to help children prepare for the future of adult life. This wrong idea long-standing, very popular. "Adult" formulation itself is ridiculous, like children do not seem to grow before! Firstly, Montessori criticized the idea and established her theory of children education on the basis of affirming the value of children’s personality. Dewey also pointed out that children’s life has its intrinsic quality and significance, not to be regarded as an immature stage of life, just want it to pass quickly. Third: the purpose of education is to let students get rid of the reality of slavery, rather than adapt to reality. This is Cicero’s famous saying. Today’s situation is the opposite, education is doing one thing, is to adapt to reality as the goal of shaping the students. People living in society, of course, have the necessary to adapt to reality, but this should not be the main purpose of education. Montaigne said: learning is not to adapt to the outside world, but to enrich themselves. Confucius also argued that learning is "for oneself" instead of "people". From ancient to modern times philosopher stressed that learning is to develop the individual mental abilities, so as to obtain freedom in external reality. Of course, this is just a kind of inner freedom, but it is by virtue of this inner freedom, the independent personality and independent thinking, those good souls and minds to change the reality of human society has great effect. Fourth: the most important principle of education is not to cherish the time, to waste time. Painting

30Brokerage said the first half of the four quarter is still a rebound window more attention to the pe|Brokerage said the first half of the four quarter is still a rebound window more attention to the pe9

Brokers said the first half of the four quarter is still rebounding window more attention to performance of stock price on the driving force of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money broker said the four quarter of the first half of the rally at the window still pay more attention to driving force on the stock price performance of the current market environment based on the fourth quarter, the first half of December is still rebounding window, need to closely track the Fed interest rate, exchange rate, enterprise profit potential changes in the "investor" Fang Fangwen long national day its strong market sentiment, the market end of the market in September to adjust the temperature and the way of a month, or 2.62% months, amplitude 4.6%. The beginning of the fourth quarter, October quotes how to go? Brokers have given a different point of view and investment advice. Everbright and State Securities said that this year the market from valuation, profitability, capital three factors, A shares rebound logic is very clear. Based on the current market environment, tend to the fourth quarter of the first half of the rebound is still a window during the national day of the global risk appetite or slightly improved, and phase lead A shares, December need to closely track the Fed meeting on interest rates, and potential changes in the enterprise profit. Societe Generale Securities said, monetary policy, the year is expected to cut interest rates drop quasi probability is low, the monetary policy rate next year probably will continue to take the stage, to maintain a relatively neutral. CPI is expected in 2017 before the low high, slightly lower than the central this year, compared to the PPI or stabilization. Not only did the money flow into the stock market, but also a lot of money flowed into the housing market. In this regard, Haitong Securities prompted investors, the population structure of China’s real estate cycle has passed, and since 2016 real estate once again hot, including currency and irrational factors. Taking into account the economic dependence on real estate, the real estate bubble must be vigilant. Investment opportunities in the fourth quarter where? Everbright Securities said that in the context of the valuation of the basic risk control, more attention to the performance of the stock price driving force. Various types of stock assets: growth stocks > time shares > value shares > cyclical stocks. Haitong Securities said that the current market will continue to shake the pattern of the city, the better sectors such as animal husbandry, tourism, food and beverage, chemical pharmaceutical. Industry research from bottom to top sub sectors are: feed, high-quality scenic spots + outbound travel + hotels, high-end liquor and beer, chemical products, such as export. Everbright Securities: Securities Kanpan – the first half of the fourth quarter still rebound window Everbright Securities said that since January 29, 2016 8 months, A stock market rebounded a slight concussion. Industry sector performance, in addition to the media sector, the 28 industry index rose. Among them, household appliances, food and beverage, electronics and other consumer industries and building materials, nonferrous metals, chemicals and other cyclical industries rose relative to the lead, media, military, computer and other high valuation plate performance is relatively backward. From the index ups and downs of the contribution of the overall market point of view, banks, non silver and other weight plates contributed significantly. From the valuation, profitability, capital three factors, the market rebound logic is very clear. Based on the current market environment, it is inclined to think that the first half of the fourth quarter