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11 video broadcast Lakers King vs can test God Zaibao the Lakers? November 11th video broadcast Lakers vs California Derby king king can stop the tide of Tencent in November 10th sports news Beijing standard time on November 11th morning 11:30, the Lakers will play on the road and the king. The two teams have had a poor record last season, but they have played well this season. The Lakers will play against the kings of the world tomorrow: the God of the Lakers is the number one enemy Cousins is no doubt the king’s number one player, he played in the game this season, the midfielder contributed 25.5 points, is the king’s top scorer. In the last season with the Lakers, cousins were particularly well in the four game, test God averaged 27 points and 11.3 rebounds, helping the king to win four games. Test God is more mature in the new season, the Lakers are not the Lakers last season, the Lakers will continue to test God in authority, will be the biggest surprise in the race tomorrow. The game to watch: two horse dark horse before Western contrary to expectation at the start of the season, many people have predicted the Lakers and the king will be the two team to the bottom of the team. But the start of the season until now, the performance of the two teams is somewhat surprising, the Lakers are currently 4 wins and 4 losses ranked eighth in the west. While the king was 4 wins and 5 losses in the west of the position of tenth. At least until tomorrow, the two teams in the gold center started, they are on their performance in this season is satisfactory. The king’s core player, center Cousins in an interview with the media, said: we can do better, we often appear in some games, others do not slack." The defeat in a match, the king has won two straight. In fact, in the 2014-2015 season, the king’s start is quite good, they were 9 wins and 4 losses, but soon, the team’s record collapse. The kings of the season have been more stable than ever before, and they have done a better job on defense. Defense will be the key to the victory of the king, in this season’s game, the king in three games in the opponent’s score in the control of less than 100 points, the king of these games have won the victory of the three. In the five defeat, the king’s field to allow opponents to get 107 points. The 9 game in the new season, King averaged opponents scored 101.4 points, 109.1 points last season compared to the data get along very well, now ranked thirteenth in the league. Lakers in the new coach Walton led the team out of the worst season in the history of the team, their performance in this season was a bright spot, but also won a three game winning streak in the past three seasons. The Lakers averaged 108.6 points this season in the league’s top fifth. If they beat the king tomorrow, it will be the first time the Lakers have won 4 of their last 5 games since November 2013. But Walton also said that he is now most concerned about is not the outcome of the team, but the growth of players. Before the game remarks: little Walton do not care about the outcome of the little Walton is no doubt a successful coach, he has been relying on their charisma and coaching talent to get a lot of people appreciate. Talking about what you expect from the team.相关的主题文章: