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The 2016 cross strait new media Zhejiang camp ceremony – Sohu G20 tourism after Hangzhou, osmanthus fragrance, autumn bright, I came to the beautiful West lake. Zhejiang, with its rich cultural heritage and numerous historical sites, is one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese civilization. Hemudu Site culture, Majiabang culture and Liangzhu culture gave birth to the Zhejiang people’s wisdom, hard-working, honest, friendly, good moral character, they create a beautiful landscape, Jiangnan Yumizhixiang with thousands of years of wisdom and strength. Very lucky to attend the Taiwan Affairs Office of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang online news network and Taiwan wangwangzhong group organized by the "Zhejiang Taobao · 2016 new media cross-strait news Jiangnan Zhejiang camp event, eight day event, the mainland and Taiwan from the media friends, visited Zhejiang, Dongyang, Hangzhou Yiwu entrepreneurial innovation base, feel Zhejiang’s beautiful scenery and the environment of economic development. Zhejiang newspaper group in the conference room, on both sides of friends from the media gathered together to explore new media integration concept about new media operation. Start the ceremony! Last month, the organizers issued a recruitment order, the 2016 cross-strait new media Zhejiang camp activities attracted more than two hundred from the mainland and Taiwan media, new media and industry elite attention. This is a photo from Taiwan media friends. Participation in the activities of the staff, from the Taiwan media company executives, independent designer brands, for many years engaged in the cultural and creative industry senior marketing personnel; but also from the mainland’s "Red Net" new media network, company director, photographer and cartoonist, is independent of college students, I also played for them. Mainland friends from the media photo. Deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, the news bureau spokesman of an economic environment of Zhejiang mountain was introduced in detail, and said, will make every effort to provide support and convenience to Taiwan more young people in education, employment, entrepreneurship and other aspects, to promote cross-strait exchanges and cooperation. He said: "with the Zhejiang · 2016; Taiwan cooperation week opening, Zhejiang and Taiwan in the economic and cultural exchanges more closely, Zhejiang’s creativity and entrepreneurship policy and perfect incubation services, cross strait youth entrepreneurship and employment to provide a good opportunity. Our trip network cafe, senior media people, also has a campus network red, hope to have your fans want to share to friends in Zhejiang, let Taiwan think what one sees and hears, the youth to understand a more comprehensive, more real." Deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the people’s Government of Zhejiang Province, He Yongming hope that through cross-strait new media in Zhejiang visit, unique perspective and communication can borrow new media, actively promote Zhejiang entrepreneurial innovation ecological system with "Internet plus" features, the story of Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang experience opportunities tell more friends on both sides. As a representative of the people of Taiwan media, the prosperous times editor Wang Chuozhong also encourage more young people in Taiwan to Zhejiang, to look around Hangzhou, and the development and entrepreneurship. Fang Weiying, general manager of Zhejiang online news site, introduced the Zhejiang newspaper group in the new media environment.相关的主题文章: