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Automobiles Gift Idea #1 – Car iPod Adapters Is your techno-geek a music junkie, otherwise known as the human jukebox? Yeah, thought so! If that’s the case, the best bet for this traveling, one-man band would be car iPod adapters. These bridge the gap between a stereo and a jukebox, by allowing your techno-geek to play their entire music library through their car stereo. What is the top brand in the industry? Dice! Dice iPod adapters require no wire slicing, no soldering and no .plications. Plus, the adapters are perfect for getting the best quality sound in your ride-no hollow, in-tunnel or cracking sounds! Not sure if Dice iPod adapters are .patible with your geek’s iPod, worry not! These work with just about every type of i-device. Gift Idea #2 – Alcohol Breathalyzers Sure, these "toys" have been given a bad rap, but we’re sure your techno-geek would get a kick out of installing it in their ride to up their bad-boy/bad-girl image. Plus, it’s a great way to pass the time. Blow into the folding mouthpiece and bam-your blood-alcohol level is displayed! We bet if you coupled this gift with a car adapter, your geek would have some real fun! Gift Idea #3 – Clocks You cannot go wrong with an exquisite and precise timepiece. But, what’s better is you can give the gift of time and the gift of a great automobile all at once! Yep, that’s right! Maybe your techno-geek is also a closet motor-head. If so, give him a clock that tells time with his favorite car manufacturer’s logo in the background! Worried your geek might prefer things like Pokemon cards or a collectible figurine? F.et about those typical geeky gifts, because we are positive your techno-geek’s going to be stoked on any or all of these gadgets. And, if you are overly worried-get the cards too…after all, they probably sell for a dime each at your local swap meet, right? Well, maybe not the hologram Charizard! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: