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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual parents Hello: I am the child’s teacher, for the achievement, you ask, the child is willing to give you say it, don’t ask. No matter how good or bad, think about it: every child is a seed. Some flowers, the beginning of a brilliant bloom; some flowers, the need for a long wait. Don’t look at the others in full bloom, their tree has not happened to hurry, that is the flowers has its own flowering. Careful care of their flowers slowly look at growing up, accompanied him to bathe in the sun and rain, this is not a kind of happiness. Believe in children, static flowers. Maybe your seed will never blossom, because he is a towering tree! 1, the main factors affecting children’s achievement is not the school, but the family. 2, if the family education out of the question, the child may be more difficult in the school, the child is likely to become the school’s problem children". 3, good children, the mother is usually planned and agile movements of people. The more serious the father, the more organized, the more polite, the better the child’s grades. 4, poverty is an important educational resources, but not the poorer the more conducive to the growth of children. As parents, need to provide basic data for the culture of children, do not let the child fall into the abyss of depression inferiority. 5, rich is another kind of higher education resources, the western experience is: "to cultivate a noble need three generations of efforts." "The hierarchy is hereditary." However, the higher education resources need to have more advanced educational skills, if there is no more advanced educational skills, wealthy families will instead bring disaster to the growth of children. 6, do not have knowledge without culture of parents. Some people have a high degree of education, but not necessarily a culture. If parents do not know how to live, do not know how to treat others, and even do not know how to treat their children, no matter how high academic level he has, he is also a person without culture. 7, parents can take the children as the center of the world, but do not forget that parents have to live an independent life. If parents do not have their own lives around their children, their parents often interfere with the growth of their children in the name of love. Sometimes, not children cannot do without parents, but the parents cannot do without children. 8, parents need to bear the responsibility to educate their children, however, do not because of the education of children and completely canceled their leisure life. "There is no sense of responsibility to hurt others, too much responsibility to hurt themselves." 9, if a child crying parents quickly picked up the child, then the child will use the characteristics of parents often entangled parents, put forward more requirements. So, the child crying, don’t worry to hold up the child, parents had better get something to do, let the children look at their work quickly. 10, the relationship between husband and wife affect the child’s character. A man who does not respect his wife相关的主题文章: