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G20 during the Zhijin cave 7 days free of charge promotions reception more than 30 thousand tourists in Zhejiang Tourism – Sohu from September 7th to September 1st, for the launch of the G20 Zhejiang visitors free of charge discount activity has ended, seven days, Zhijin cave, Zhejiang received more than 30 thousand tourists trips, the total amount of tourists reached more than 58 thousand passengers, an increase of 110% compared with the same period last year. According to the scenic relevant person in charge, this is not a simple tourist volume, because last September 3-5 day is to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory of the war launched the holiday, so the Zhijin Cave Scenic tourists than a substantial increase over the same period, and this year compared with last year a little less, because the tourists doubled, the launch of the G20 special preferential sake. Although free of charge scenic income growth, only a slight increase is not big, but it is unusually hot, the surrounding restaurants benefited. This policy not only makes Zhejiang visitors affordable, the area surrounding the tenants also get tangible benefits. It is understood that although the free activity has ended, but the Zhijin cave World Park preferential policies continue to address: from September 8, 2016 to the end of this year, Zhejiang household registration and the visitor from Zhejiang to Zhijin cave 50% discount. Zhijin cave World Geological Park, formerly known as the Zhijin hole hole, is a multi pattern, multi-level, multi types of high dry cave. There are a lot of Zhijin cave in the world, "cave king", "karst treasure" and "the cave wonders", "Mount Huangshan underground", said these are Zhijin cave, Zhijin cave cave no more ", around the cave stalagmites and columns, stone bud, bell more than and 40 flag debris formation the karst landscape in different poses and with different expressions. Dong Shifeng four cloth, arranged in a crisscross pattern, water, pond, intermittent underground lake misplaced it. It is not only a treasure house of underground art, but also a karst museum". Can be summed up in three words: big, strange, full. The first is the "big", it is the cave hall where the most intensive, generally speaking, as long as the area is more than 3000 square meters, 2 hall 3, even larger cave, Zhijin cave more than 3000 square meters of the hall is 13, in which tens of thousands of square metres of hall 6. The second is the "odd", Zhijin cave is the most abundant karst accumulation rare cave shape, like silver, that fighter helmet, pipa, large murals, upside down sister Yushu, curling stone and so on…… The landscape is true to life, M Cho, it can be said that the Zhijin cave as the acme of perfection! Is a can make people completely change the concept of local cave, cave could also make people sigh so beautiful! The third is "full", Zhijin cave covering almost all types of karst accumulation form, stone shield, stalagmites, moonmilk and the side dam, curling stone, stone, stone wall flow…… And so on, can be found everywhere, is the most densely packed karst karst cave. The summer hot outside, inside the cave is like a natural refrigerator, instantly cool down into the hole. In winter, the warm spring outside a world of ice and snow. In fact, because the cave in constant temperature between 14-16 DEG C, it is cold in summer and warm in winter. A hole in the Zhijin walk, sometimes like a walk in the boundless.相关的主题文章: