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Housing can not afford to buy real estate stocks? Vanke Hengda shares why outbreak? Sohu securities these days, what is the hottest? Of course, real estate! All over the purchase, the people raided the room, the real estate companies listed shell, Vanke 22 day limit closed up by 9.67%, Evergrande shares and real estate sector collective outbreak. The hand piece are tempted, have come out: piece of 1: A shares how thousands of sideways? Because the fund manager went to real estate! Aunt who went to the real estate! Retail investors to rob the house! Even listed companies are to protect the shell! 2: scripts of a listed company selling Paul shell, simply amateur extremely, should be decisive to sell the shell to protect the housing! A piece of 3: will win the Nobel prize in economics subject: nearly half of the profits of listed companies is not enough to buy a house to Shanghai and Shenzhen, but sold 1% of the shares is enough to buy a few sets, please demonstrate the property market and the stock market bubble which is bigger? No restriction piece 4: of the United States House, why Jolie and Pitt divorce? Duan 5: prodigal list: entrepreneurship, stocks, futures speculation, gambling, drug abuse, large savings and buy a lot of financial products, a mistress, Taobao. Wuhan home: Beijing buy a house, buy a house in Shanghai, Shenzhen buy a house, Guangzhou buy a house, buy a house in Nanjing, Hangzhou buy a house, buy a house in Xiamen, Tianjin buy a house, buy a house, buy a house. Well, so unpopular real estate, real estate stocks in the future will play it? The evening of September 21st, financial record China Jinke shares 4 billion acquisition announcement. Affected yesterday was one giant Jinke shares opened trading closed, while stocks and real estate sector led Hengda pulled the collective interpretation of wave of small market. Among them, China Vanke A, China calxon gainers. However, despite this year’s real estate industry is a hot, but the performance of real estate stocks this year is not good, the overall increase is limited. Statistics show that the two cities of the real estate stocks, only 61 this year, outperforming the broader market, accounting for about 40% of the proportion of about $142. Some institutions believe that the fundamentals of the real estate will continue to flourish in the future, the sector is expected to usher in a big market. Vanke led the real estate sector in late September 21st, SUNAC China announcement, indirect wholly-owned Affiliated Companies gold property Jinke real estate subscription of non-public offering of shares 907 million shares, accounting for about 16.96% of the total share capital of Jinke real estate, a total of about 4 billion yuan. SUNAC China said the acquisition of Jinke shares the main reason is optimistic about its future prospects. Affected by this, Jinke shares opened sharply higher in early trading yesterday that more than 8% of the auction was quickly pulled after the giant single sealed daily limit, closing at 4.83 yuan. One of Jinke shares also Hengda stocks, the semi annual report of ten shareholders list, Hengda Life Insurance Company Limited – universal combination B holds 76 million 485 thousand and 900 shares, accounting for the proportion of tradable shares is 2.03%. Jinke shares strong limit also detonated Hengda stocks quickly pulled related stocks way, Vanke rose 9.67%, Jiakai city rose 6.78%, Langfang rose 4.51%, A rose 3.48%. Hengda stocks comeback also inspired;相关的主题文章: