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The new board of equity pledge or halted market liquidity by test – Sohu finance new three equity pledge or halted market liquidity by Zhou Hongda test according to Wind information statistics, this year, three new board total equity pledge since 1732, has more than two times last year, this year there are 897 of the shares of the listed company shareholder to mortgage, pledge value reached one hundred billion yuan scale] liquidity problem of the new third market participants continued to bring the test, and the new policy may make the market further strained nerves. The day before, there are three new board listed companies related sources to the "First Financial Daily reporters, the national share transfer system has been suspended for listed company to broker equity pledge business application audit, and China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as the" board ") also suspended for all the pledgee is the new board brokerage or securities holding company pledge matters. However, authorities have told reporters that the relevant departments, and there is no document indicating that the suspension of the new three board pledged securities lending business matters. Hengtai securities business director Hu Zhenggang told reporters that the current management is not stipulated in the broker can not do three new board equity pledge, but equity pledge difficulty has been greater than the past, regulators will take total control of the equity pledge. For the above equity pledge to suspend the argument, the reporter to share transfer system to verify, but as of press time, has not yet received a response. The equity pledge kept hidden risks of a new board listed companies related sources told the "First Financial Daily reporters, shares of the company may worry about the controlling shareholders of the listed company will most of the shares pledged to the securities company’s securities companies in the disposal of settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, the pledge of equity, will damage the interests of small investors. Hu Zhenggang believes that the restriction of equity pledge in addition to the boss and the boss on foot and other malicious deceptive cases related to fraud, but also with the recent opening of the private market maker. He said, "with the private gradually into the new board to do the city, private market regulators worried that will induce malicious speculation stock, and then through the cash pledge, transfer of benefits, the market will have a bad effect on." According to Wind information statistics, this year, three new board total equity pledge since 1732, has more than two times last year, this year there are 897 listed company shares by shareholders to pledge loans, market capitalization reached one hundred billion yuan scale. Because of the relative equity pledge set by the approval process is more simple, this year set by the decline in the scale of financing at the same time, the new board equity pledge contrarian growth. Not told the "First Financial Daily" reporter of Hangzhou bank Zhongguancun branch president assistant floor, enterprise landing three new board, with the capital market early education, experienced intermediary adjustment and sort out, in the financial and legal aspects are relatively standardized, this is the basis for the new board pledge business. However, the pledge risk events occur frequently this year. In February this year, Columbia Lun step (835494) chairman and general manager Wei Qinghua will be held in the company’s shares after the pledge of all lost contact until the year before the courier was sent to resign in May report. In March this year, East medicine.相关的主题文章: