Beijing 20 public rental with rent is old young individual housing 瀬名アスカ

Beijing 20 public rental with rent is old young individual housing [Abstract] in addition to the general public rental project Chang Ying Huihong, specially equipped with two "new products" – old public rental housing and public rental youth yesterday, Municipal Construction Committee issued a 20 public housing project with rental registration announcement. The reporter and the announcement earlier found that the general public housing project in addition to regular Huihong, specially equipped with two "new products" – old public rental housing and public rental youth. Municipal Construction Committee and the city’s affordable housing investment center responsible person said, this is the first time in the city for the elderly and young people with special rental public rental. Public rental housing with old public toilet handle this specifically for the elderly and young rent is located in Chaoyang District Chang Ying Huihong project, can rent a total of 1593 housing units (rooms). Including 120 sets of old public rental and 516 young public rental, and the remaining 957 sets for ordinary public rental. City low-income housing investment center official told reporters, for these two groups of special reasons with rent of public rental housing, public rental lease is a prior object in these two categories are fixed is two people, the elderly and young people on the public housing design requirements and the general public rental housing is different. In order to wheelchair after more convenient, the elderly public housing door wider, the bathroom is standard fixed armrest, can let old people sit up have help on the place. Elderly public housing is divided into large, medium, mistress apartment layout, including large Taoxing 24 sets, 12 sets of small Taoxing Taoxing, 84 sets, with rent to meet all family members in more than 60 years of age conditions. Youth public rental households shared kitchen for the other 516 youth public rental, special "announcement", rather than "set", one word can be seen out of the ordinary youth this batch of public rental. Each set of public rental housing has two rooms, respectively, leased to different young people. Due to the small frequency of use, the hall will not be too large, and every two will share a bathroom, kitchen, balcony and water meter. With rent announcement shows that the project of public rental application young Chang Ying Huihong family in addition to the notice requirements of the public rental housing eligibility, also in line with the family structure for single person households, under 35 years of age, and with a same qualifications or family Beijing no room under the age of 35 without waiting for public rental housing qualifications of single person households the family together to apply for two families, together with rent, and in principle at the same time exit. "A young public rental housing will be a principal applicant, can take a pair of applicants to apply for, the two can be friends in the future," flat-share "is also more convenient." The person in charge said. Today is the beginning of the intention to register according to the announcement, the elderly public housing and youth camp Huihong public rental will this morning from 10 at the start of the registration of intent, as of November 22nd 5 pm, except holidays. For the elderly and youth public rental housing and public rental, can carry my ID card, to the original application Street offices (township) housing security work window for registration; registration is required to apply for family Street offices (township) housing window retained contact security, and maintain a smooth flow of communications. Apply for regular public rental housing two people aged Huihong, users can choose to register or in large Taoxing Taoxing, single person households.相关的主题文章: