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Tell the Chinese story     show Chinese style – International – People’s network of Chinese guests visited the "China day" on display "beautiful China" picture. Newspaper reporter Han Xiaoming photo with China’s role in the world arena continues to expand, the attractiveness of Chinese culture overseas is also enhanced. Recently, China overseas cultural center initiative to organize colorful activities, through the "Chinese day", photography exhibition, seminars and other forms of speaking China story, Chinese closer China exhibition style, and the distance of the world. Cairo — "China day" to let more people know about the 2016 G20 summit in Hangzhou is a culture, the cultural exchanges between the two countries is very warm; in September, for the first time in Egypt as a guest of the leaders of the group of twenty summit held in Chinese, is the Egyptian media on China’s attention to a new level. Seize this opportunity, Cairo Chinese cultural center held a series of activities during the national day, introduced China, interpretation of China, so that the people of Egypt approached the Chinese culture. "We hold the" China day "activities, let the colorful activities to the Egyptian people with sensory feast." China Embassy Cultural counsellor and director of the Cairo China cultural center Chen Dongyun said in an interview with this reporter. "China day" activities in the center of the selection of the Cairo reporters union hall, the activities of the content, including theatrical performances, film screenings, book show, scholars lecture. The seminar is a long time engaged in the Sino Egyptian friendly activities of the Egyptian scholars to explain the development of the concept of the G20 Hangzhou peak club, so that the Egyptian people have a better understanding of the outcome of the summit. "The idea of holding a seminar is the initiative of Egyptian scholars, the cultural center immediately adopted the proposal." Chen Dongyun said, in general, the Egyptian people’s focus on China is more concentrated in the economic field. Hangzhou summit success is a good opportunity to help improve their Strike while the iron is hot., Chinese on cultural perception and understanding of Chinese." In addition, the annual photo exhibition also held during the National Day in Cairo and Alexander. This year’s exhibition theme is "China story", rich picture of Egypt led the audience into the beautiful China; just from China further back Egypt young scholar Heller will own Nadi? M report place at the Cairo cultural center China, his Chinese knowledge, China’s leaders in governance philosophy to explain to attract a lot of local the audience; China martial arts, "Confucius library" and other cultural activities are also held during the National Day, this cultural center actively preparing elaborate selection activities, venues, hoping to do more and more popular activities. "Now we promote more local people to come to the stage, cultural center, giving them a platform to change the" one-way "activity mode." Chen Dongyun said. Speaking of the recent years Cairo cultural center held a national day activities, Chen Dongyun used "proud" to describe his feelings: "in recent years, held in the National Day period of cultural activities, a new year, can make people feel China development every year. Look at the local people linger in the event).相关的主题文章: