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A female Hu then force   "chasing the dragon" alongside Andy Lau Donnie Yen, people.com.cn people.com.cn – entertainment channel at the end of September, director Jing Wong’s new "chasing the dragon" official start in Hongkong, starring Wang Jingxie Andy Lau, Donnie Yen, Hu and other creative held the starting ceremony. In the movie "trump card" crystal girl in ace with good performance of Hu, will continue to play the female lead in "chasing the dragon", the third cooperation Andy Lau, Donnie Yen as our wife, challenge thirty years time span of the weight of the scenes, add a bright color for the play of men. With the two big winner with Taiwan Biao play, Hu ran "actor harvester" force to the rank, the highly anticipated film road. "Chasing the dragon" crew Hongkong official boot female Hu ran and double acting actor Biao eruption in September 28th, directed by Jing Wong’s "chasing the dragon" official start in Hongkong, Hu ran at the end of the "trump card" with ACE campaign after the non-stop roadshow began to prepare "chasing the dragon" boot filming. It is reported that the film is about the most glorious era of the Hongkong film collision story "Hutch", starring Donnie Yen Andy Lau as our, Reynolds, Hu ran in this is full of Sommersby films, as our wife, a gentle and beautiful nurse. On the day of the opening ceremony, director Wang Jingxie starring Andy Lau, Donnie Yen, Hu Ran and Sarkozy appeared all the creative campaign for the film. It is reported that Hu ran in "chasing the dragon", as a nurse, play from more than and 20 to more than and 50 years old, thirty years in challenging scenes, whether it is required to set the character or plot development, the actor will be a big challenge. Compared to the "Macao vice" series and the recent hit "trump card" in the comedy funny ace playing female image, the film "chasing the dragon" gentle, clear, complete the 180 degree image of subversion, acting broke out. According to the official leaked makeup is also a new role, add a lot of fine soft color. The starting ceremony on the same day, Hu ran a blue dress and appearance, sweet smile and gentle style conspicuous, echoed with the film set, people instantly look forward to: young sexy Hu but will be how to interpret the thirty years of vicissitudes of life gradually, hit the woman set again will be how to interpret the Hongkong Hu 60s Lawrence’s wife? "Actor Hu harvester" three cooperation but Andy Lau’s popularity soared by the media certainly at present, the "trump card" funny movie ace continued aggressively, but Hu played undercover to dance, whether in character or action scenes, careful interpretation of playing female images are highly praised, "national new husband" and "selling, adorable high cold, equal to anything" and "sexy goddess power ring powder" become the main female movie critics emerge in an endless stream, the highly acclaimed national archives. The continuation of the "Macao vice" series of hit a woman, so wonderful Hu action, become the indispensable elements of the new comedy, much audience favorite. This time, Jing Wong joined the film director, the three cooperation with Andy Lau, "chasing the dragon" photo frame starting ceremony, maxed circle, Hu ran gas well, the most worthy trenging girl. In the Spring Festival archives, National Archives and other hot schedule has high-quality works, has a wide range of national awareness, but Hu rising. This time, with eleven hit movies "ace funny)相关的主题文章: