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William ·: the story of modern people; Burroughs’s awareness of the environmental crisis [Abstract] a drug addict wandering in the jungle when lost; a group of young mutants consisting of Empire, a handsome young fight the enemy separately; the pirate captain face hanging; a radioactive fever in the world rampant these stories are woven together to form a full the story of violence and chaos. This article from the "red night city" (U.S.), William · Burroughs, Yan Lei, Shanghai Sanlian bookstore, September 2016 we use binocular telescope of the people saw the Tibet reconnaissance team stopped at a distance of several hundred yards Creek village. · Li watched the village through the field binoculars, and his men sat down to smoke. The village was built at the foot of the mountain. The stream flows through the village, where the water is introduced into a row of terraced fields. There is no sign of life on the steep bend of the street or on the edge of the pond. The canyon is littered with boulders, when necessary, can be used as a cover, but he does not think the army will encounter resistance level. He put down his binoculars to signal his men to keep up. Tibet grand canyon. The two of them went through a stone bridge, and the people behind them covered the front. If the resistance is ready to fire, now is the best time and place for such an arrangement. On the other side of the bridge is the crooked streets, winding up. There are many stone huts on both sides of the street, many have been dilapidated, apparently deserted. They walked along the stone street, close to the side of the road, the Shabby Cottage cover. At this time, the words · Li gradually smell an unknown smell. He motioned to the scouts to stop and stood there, sniffing. Unlike colleagues from western countries, · was chosen because he had a strong sense of intuition and was trained accordingly. In any case, he can imagine and explore its seemingly strange aspects, while considering its dull and practical side. He formed a search for both without personal emotions, has a cold and vigilant attitude. He didn’t know when it started. From the beginning of the 23 Institute, this kind of training is carried out in reality. He had never seen his teacher, whose teachings were conveyed through a series of practical cases. He was born in Hongkong, where he was twelve years old, so English is his second language. Then they moved to Shanghai. He read the American beat writers in teens. This is from Hongkong into Shanghai, quietly sold in a bookstore under the counter. This bookstore does not seem to be affected by the official interference, in addition to the owner in foreign exchange. At the age of sixteen, he was sent to a military academy, where he received intensive training in the use of weapons. Six months later, he was called into the Colonel’s office and was told he needed to leave the military academy and return to Shanghai. Because he thought he had been training hard and got good grades, he asked the Colonel if it was because his grades were not satisfactory. Instead of looking directly at him, the colonel looked at him up and down, as if drawing a human figure in the air. He that let equivocate, boss is commendable, but in some cases, other factors were more)相关的主题文章: