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Wuhan University Library "Kaoyan special" 70% netizens think is wrong – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 26th news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that the day before, Wuchang Shouyi university library to the students "custom" 598 real name system attracted hot seat: a signed letter of commitment, a student card and the card number, ready to graduate students can apply for a seat in the real name system, these will not be taken away the seat was dubbed the "Curve Wrecker seat". For school practice, many students expressed their support, that this can effectively prevent the wanton occupation in the library but not to learn the phenomenon; but there are a lot of students against the said, the school library as public resources, should follow the "first come first serve" principle. Seat real name system, the damage to the interests of students who can not get seats. University Library seat real name system, how do you see? Netizen: as court gezhu: Library seat "real name system" may reduce a lot of manpower management costs, such as the students responsible for their own health, neat and tidy, seat maintaining library facilities, but the first come first served is the most fair and effective rate. Love to laugh you should get up early: postgraduate accounting position, and, getting up early, must also have position, making "Curve Wrecker special" a little Big deal. Survey results: about 70% of users believe that the practice of the library seat real name system. Cat: Tokyo library seat real name system has loopholes, if the students real name system, but he did not go to the other students, and no position, is not caused by the waste of public resources? I think we should continue to follow the principle of "first come, first sit"! An Guanglu: there is no need to do anything good, the seat of the real name to avoid the seat due to unnecessary conflicts and conflicts caused, but it undermines the principle of first come first seat. Besides, if the seat real name, real name student not to seat, how to deal with? There are less than 10% of users to support the real name system library practice. A: I support the practice of the school hall. Although the seat of the library should be first come first served, but if a student will go to the library every day for a long time, can apply for a fixed seat, eliminating the need to grab seats trouble. This is similar to the commercial restaurant reservations, very scientific, but also very user-friendly. Of course, the punishment mechanism should also keep up, if you learn tyrants credit is poor, you can not enjoy a fixed seat. There are 20% users for postgraduate occupation difficult problem, put forward their own proposals. Jiangsu: seat in the library system of real name misappropriation of public resources of the suspects, the school library should set up postgraduate preferred seat, if you are a postgraduate student ID, priority, you do not let other students can sit, it is reasonable. Wind ambulance: why don’t you grab a seat with app? 30 minutes late to cancel the seat, it is open, fair. The establishment of a special postgraduate entrance examination is also a good solution.相关的主题文章: