Wenzhou guy remote lock screen other Apple phone 5 months earned $100 thousand mine_清翼

Earned 100 thousand yuan 90 guy Xiemou love the Internet technology Wenzhou small remote lock screen other apple mobile phone for 5 months, will make the site, self-taught went on a crooked road. He through technical means and Apple phone vulnerabilities, remotely lock the phone screen of others, and then ask for unlock fee". In just 5 months, Xiemou will be on the implementation of the 2500 Apple phone remote lock screen, and successfully deceived the unlock fee of more than 10 yuan. Recently, due to the crime of destruction of computer information systems, the "rely on technology to eat" guy, was sentenced to four years in Wenzhou City Court of first instance. Not only buy the QQ account and password also self phishing sites to steal passwords Xiemou Jiangxi, this year 20 years old, junior high school to Wenzhou to work in Pingyang after graduation, normally rely on reselling some QQ Liang to earn money. However, Xiemou very clever, keen to delve into the Internet technology, mobile phones, computers play very slip. Last year, an accidental opportunity, he illegally landed others QQ, found that the QQ number is sent to the mailbox, a Apple Corp mail, suggesting that the account has landed on the suspicious computer, such as non personal use, recommended to change the password etc.. Xiemou in see this email, think of a post ever seen, Apple users can through some functions of iPhone mobile phone, mobile phone to locate, lock and erase data etc.. Thus, Xiemou distort other apple ID account password, remote lock screen of the QQ master’s mobile phone, and display the mobile phone in the mobile phone to unlock locked screen, contact QQ5127XXXX, to the owners ask for "unlock fee". First, thanks to a relaxed "earned" to hundreds of yuan, from then on, he was a get out of hand. In order to reap more benefits, Xiemou through the network, to buy the QQ account number and password to log on to the others, by QQ, to find binding for the apple ID QQ mailbox. Since then, Xiemou also produced their own phishing sites, steal QQ password. Each lock screen an Apple phone, asking for the unlock fee ranging from 100 yuan to $2500. Within 5 months of the lock screen more than 2 thousand and 500 mobile phone illegal profits more than 10 yuan in September last year, Pingyang was a mobile phone owner Xiemou remote lock screen, reported the matter to the police station in a timely manner. Pingyang police according to the clues provided by the police and Xiemou QQ information, soon be arrested. The investigation, from May 2015 to September, Xiemou by the same method, to a total of more than 2500 owners ask for "unlocking fee", of which more than 420 owners paid a total of more than 10 yuan. Qianjiang Evening News reporter from the relevant mobile phone maintenance professionals understand that bound for the apple ID mailbox once decoded, hackers can use Apple’s mobile phone find my iPhone this function, the mobile phone will lock the ID binding. "Find my iPhone is a software that comes with the apple mobile phone, enter the ID number and password, you can navigate to the location of mobile phone, the mobile phone can also lock screen, this function is originally used for searching for the lost mobile phone, which was used for illegal activities." Maintenance staff said. Previously, Qianjiang Evening News had several similar reports. Apple’s main phone is locked.相关的主题文章: