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Zhejiang Panan: not only the age of 31, "fellow town" – promoted Zhejiang channel — people.com.cn original title: not only the age of 31, "fellow town" promoted by the general to make the grassroots cadres in combat, do a spirit? In general this year Panan county towns, combined with the development needs of various towns positioning, highlighting the hard work performance and recognized by the masses with people oriented, let a, who is not an official who gave way, to outstanding cadres elected, together with the. The day before, the reporter found in Zhejiang around Panan, the township cadres general personnel adjustment in place, quickly enter the role, entrepreneurial passion. Not only age ability on the ability, not under nearly five years late, rooted in Shuangfeng nearly 30 years of Township township cadres Yang Jin Qing, was promoted to Vice Mayor…… Some time ago, Yang Jinqing and other cadres to be promoted in the local media publicity, which not only make people happy, such as Yang Jinqing, and further stimulate the majority of fellow Town, the Secretary of passion. Like Yang Jinqing, in the township general in Panan, a total of 31 "old town" was deployed into 19 Township team, a change in the previous to a certain age will no longer be promoted into Township team "unspoken rule". Promote reuse of fellow Town, is one of the characteristics of the township of Panan. Panan County Organization Department official said, in order to truly outstanding cadres elected, together with Panan, the premise of correct guidance on the, further establish the importance of grassroots oriented, not by age or age, not only for cadres, the cadres of all ages, all of its security the exhibition, fully arouse their enthusiasm and vitality, let the township cadres general momentum. According to statistics, in the township of Panan, a total of 20 lion type, general type of outstanding young cadres to be promoted reuse. On the contrary, 12 mediocre performance, unfit for in-service cadres, is the adjustment of leadership positions. Panan also further expand employment channels, through the "Organization recommendation, quantitative assessment, selection, classification of Fu, the layers of difference", the cause of the preparation from the township cadres, college-graduate village official and outstanding party secretary of the village, through the selection of 21 members of the township leadership. At present, Panan Township leadership has formed a "60" chuanbangdai, "after 70" play a leading role, "80" play the leading role in the combination of old echelon with change of Heart Qi Qi Shun Jin foot good appearance. The lion type cadres play a leading role to play, at first the villagers Fangqianwuhou cluttered phenomenon, has been significantly improved; the work of land expropriation and tea culture town, over the completion of the task ahead of time; two hundred million yuan to introduce large projects, breakthrough…… Since the second half of this year, there have been a lot of great changes in Panan Yushan Town, not only the appearance of a number of key projects take on an altogether new aspect, but also accelerate, Party members and cadres officer entrepreneurial enthusiasm was stronger. Behind these changes, can not be separated from the newly appointed secretary of the town Party Secretary Fu Hongai’s three fire". The ancient tea farm of Yushan Zhen Ma Tang Cun, built in the Song Dynasty, is the earliest discovered ancient tea trading places remains. At the beginning of this year, Yushan ancient tea culture town was included in the provincial characteristics of the second batch of breeding list. According to)相关的主题文章: