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In 2016 the new man matched customer appreciation concert is made – six years of silence, for the music I’m waiting for you to cross the street, and then turned around and striding away, you don’t look back, let the skirt fly, you are going to cross the street, I thought I had no chance to go back. There’s a popular song – "on both sides of the Changjiang River Qunjiao flying" skirt gently fly, still in sight, I already miss, stay time, keep the picture, return to the past. Once you are sentimental, handsome. Now you, keep long hair, beard. Time for six years, pierced the sky, you use another way to love music. This left the line of sight of people in six years, you are starting from scratch to learn Tai Chi, painting, calligraphy, my learning ability, as if you back student; reading, gardening, walking, standing, leisure time to flow freely. Change in time, understand life with music. Twenty-three years of ingenuity condensate extraction, only for the quality of the regression of geese, all the way north, through the clouds; the arrow of time, burning pierced the sky, will ignite hope. Man Mr return again. At this time the river, faded youth bright, adhere to the extraction of life as a song touching and feeling, to share with the world. He passed the time grinding and thinking of life, the accumulation of the creation of the "return", "Mr.Man", "and so on," and so full of life perception songs. He, six years of silence, concentrated practice, now, accumulate steadily, blockbuster! Symphony of life and music attention and ingenuity, and ocean new world development (market information) have the similar experience. Ocean new world project offshore real estate (Vanward ocean mansion ocean side) 23 years of ingenuity. Ocean people have always believed that the home is the place to carry the joy and dreams, for people to create a happy life of the home, has been the goal of the struggle for the ocean. After one thousand and one nights of grinding, the ocean has created a new industry belongs to the extraordinary. Ocean new world project from the external to the internal location of products to create the ingenuity of condensate extraction, tens of thousands of test production study, several drafts, experiences were terminated, striking one snag after another and eventually became a masterpiece. Create the southwest ring, close to the subway, the first set of Beijing jingshe. The ocean has new world, change space for the mission, reshape the understanding of the living space of 22 thousand square meters, 2000 square meters of children’s entertainment DreamWorks social reception room, 270 degrees will create Park surrounded by Beijing fine luxury range of children, the British group Jing to more than the city salute. New world chose to return after the river as a spokesperson, I just want to tell people: after three years of efforts, the new world every step will be better, with their own efforts, to give people a better life experience. With my dream world · 2016, return to the New World Symphony, & new horizons, to you about 6 years. In September 20th 19:30, Beijing Lama Temple store candy three music hall, Be There Or Be Square. Details Tel: 400-819-1111 to 610440相关的主题文章: