Closed! Outage! Suspended! Super typhoon Meranti Fujian and Guangdong – Sohu news approach 捷安特xtc750

Closed! Outage! Suspended! Super typhoon "Meranti" Fujian and Guangdong – approximation Sohu news super typhoon "Meranti" invasion of southern Taiwan yesterday in Pingtung to Kenting on the road, the trees were blown off the super typhoon "Meranti" is moving across the southeast of Taiwan, Fujian, Guangdong coastal gradually to close, after the typhoon center has been formed the turbulent region, the Taiwan Strait has appeared more than 3 meters above sea, Fujian, Guangdong coastal wave height increases, the National Marine forecast has been upgraded to a red wave warning level, to upgrade the warning level of storm surge is yellow. The 17 metre waves record fourteenth this year, super typhoon "Meranti" 14 day across Southeast Taiwan towards coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong, and will be 15 in the coastal landing area between Fujian and guangdong. "Meranti" or will become the strongest typhoon landed in China this year, the State Oceanic Administration has started two days before the marine disaster emergency response. "Meranti" swept the sea off the tempestuous waves. 14 reporter learned, "Meranti" through the southern waters of Taiwan, near the coast of Fujian. In "Meranti" grazed the South Sea area of Taiwan in the process, 2 buoys Eluanbi and Liouciou respectively in 14, 9 and 12 observations to 17 meters high waves, the highest record of China’s history of offshore wave observation. Expected 14 to 15 at night during the day, the Taiwan Strait, the northeast, the South China Sea Bashi Channel, Ocean east of Taiwan will be 6 to 11 meters high waves to the turbulent region, east of Hainan, the waters near the Diaoyu Islands will be 3 to 5 M waves to waves along the coast of the southern Fujian area; there will be 4 to 6 M waves to the wild waves, northern Fujian coastal waters will appear 3 to 5 M waves to waves. Is expected to "miranti" will be the speed of 20 kilometers per hour to move northwest, the intensity gradually weakened trend in Fujian and Guangdong, and in September 15th, the early morning to morning in Fujian Jinjiang to Guangdong Shantou along the coastal areas. Subsequently, "Meranti" will turn to the northerly direction, on September 16th morning to morning in the territory of Jiangxi weakened into a tropical depression. Suspended by route EMU outage "Meranti" influence, 14 days to 15 days, the Xiamen Kinmen route across the board suspended. Xiamen Kinmen route five dock deputy general manager Wu Jinshi said, before and after the Mid Autumn Festival was originally the most busy time for a large number of Xiamen jinmenroute, Taiwan Taiwan by Xiamen jinmenroute, "typhoon" Meranti "for the arrival of the Xiamen Kinmen route this two days have to lie." In addition, the Xiamen Airline Co also announced that the 14, all of the company from Xiamen Kaohsiung Songshan flights were canceled. In addition, affected by the typhoon Meranti ", September 15th Nanjing Nanjing station to the north of Shenzhen, D3125 D3126, D2281 D2282 train outage. According to the Nanchang Railway Bureau news, September 14th to 16, the railway sector to stop selling 166 train tickets, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, involving deep dragon Zhangzhou, Jiangxi dragon railway line. September 15th the same day, Xiamen to Shenzhen EMU train tickets have all been sold. XiaMen Railway Station news release: September 14th and 15, Xiamen to Guangzhou East K298 outage; in September 15th, Xiamen to相关的主题文章: