Lin Yun Song Ji Hyo for eight bite Straw self makeup fire! (video) 巴雷特m82a1

Lin Yun Song Ji Hyo for eight: "bite Straw self makeup" fire! In this paper, Beauty eight by the most beautiful beautiful for WeChat exclusive subscription number to provide more gossip, makeup, chop hands, fag hag, grass, search the wechat ID:bagongju for the public in front of the computer with you oh! – I am the period dividing line – Lin Yunmei new drink according to ogle Lin Yun and take new photos! Than before a height. Look at a photo, really good-looking. But it looks wood has not changed, why you look so lovely? Oh It’s because the bite is taking pictures! Straight love Lin Yun – Virgin face net red awl face has been! Look at the pictures Straw bite of female stars are beautiful Ni Ni bite to drink Straw look weird in the street. Tang Yan also love to drink in a picture, lips toot together. Ivy Chen pursed her lips and a clever sense of water. Song Ji Hyo drink no artificial expression, drinking a lot of fun! Xu Jiao does not seem to really drink water, but the state of the lips have Meng do not want it! It is said that "bite Straw" is the most let the Japanese boys heart self pose has such a survey in Japan, Straw pose well beyond the "teeth" pain "half face" "cat claw", "the most direct access to let the boys heart female self pose" first. Why do Japanese guys like this POSE? – statistical investigation of the reasons for the reasons for the men: a direct attention to the sexy girl’s lips boys feel that this action can show the sexy atmosphere of the lips of the girls, so the boys are excited. Reason two: straw drink drink like kissing pose is very similar! Therefore, but also extend the name of the professional, the second team, called pose Straw fierce? (Near Chu, close to kiss like). Reason three: put the POSE eyes are innocent boys think girls put out a straw Pose, eyes a bit like from the bottom up, innocent eyes feeling. Reason four: the whole picture has enough girls sexy atmosphere in a word boys just feel so cute and sexy. So just take a photo! Then draw a straw self makeup from an objective point of view, the straw pose does seem to make their own more points oh! When we drink, will drink the suction mouth, contraction actions will make the face look thinner to tip with a drink in the hands of the natural can be placed, avoid when taking a stiff feeling at a loss. Along with the network "Redology Straw self makeup" move: Straw drinks must pick a good-looking either pink or feeling down or down creative frigid wind down nice drinks and Straw to India your beauty. Moves two: full lips and looked at it with a brush 1 sexy STEP lipstick, lip liner has to be painted into place. STEP 2 thin layer first, and then slowly coated several times, so that the color becomes darker. The lips and mouth inside the darker color to.STEP 3 in the peak point and lip lip a little high light, can make lips look more plump. STEP 4 in the middle of a little lips painted a little transparent lip gloss!相关的主题文章: