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The twin brothers to which university circles helping hand to help yuandaxuemeng – Beijing Dream: Wang Xin Wang Yue university students: Shandong Yingcai University university has many after school, some poor families of prospective students, at this time is not coming into the University of excitement, but full of apprehension, at a loss. Twin brothers in Zibo, because of the poor family with his dream of a college. Trainee reporter Yang Zihui lot decides the chance to go to school parents heart like a knife in my parents’ heart, twins Wang Xin, Wang Yue has been the pride of their own, their primary school when a prize is still hanging in my parents’ bedroom wall, is the only bright color of the mottled in Adobe wall. "Watching two children whose heart feel good ah!" My father recalled the brothers stood beside, at which they decide my destiny, finally more than. Wang Yubin and his wife live Chi Shang Zhen Dian Zi Cun in Boshan district are ordinary farmers, opened a small shop in the village every family, relying on Wang Yubin to go out to work quicker, can have tens of dollars a year for home, with two children to school, day too tight baba. Last year Wang Yubin found suffering from avascular necrosis of the femoral head, has already spent more than 50 thousand money, not only the home of the bottom are hollowed out, also borrowed money from relatives. In June 24th, selection of mechanical majors participate in spring college entrance examination brothers were admitted to a good results, one of the undergraduate scores, one can choose the higher vocational college, but in the face of high tuition fees, the whole family of insomnia. My father lost the ability to work, there is only one home store also some income, the family is not difficult to support the brothers together into the university campus. A few days later in the morning, father reluctantly put forward, let the brothers draw lots to decide the future of each other. The family can not afford, only one on the last, I do not know what they want, but I dare not say anything." Stronger father, eyes red to say these words. Brother Wang Xin did not go to school to catch the lot, results with his father said, will tear this almost decide the fate of the note. The father said, "it’s so hard to see the child crying in secret." The community have been helping the brothers with the twin brothers that university dream school lottery news, many schools raised tuition waiver enrollment opportunities to the brothers, enthusiastic people in the society have to lend a helping hand. The two brothers have the idea, finally chose the Shandong Yingcai University School of mechanical. The school taking into account their family situation, the reduction of the full tuition of his brother, at the same time in the form of grants to students in the form of loans to solve the brother of more than fifteen thousand yuan a year tuition. August 24th school day, the school also went to the village shop twins home, took them and his father came to school, to complete the enrollment report. Zhang Zongsheng, vice president of Shandong Yingcai University, said that in order not to let a student because of poverty at home and can not afford to go to school, the school established a relatively perfect "award, help, diligence, exemption, help student system, in addition to national scholarships, scholarships, the provincial government enterprises.相关的主题文章: