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Chevrolet Kewozi Car Buying preferred version with automatic information guide SAIC Chevrolet Kewozi in September 2nd opening of the Chengdu auto show officially listed, Chevrolet brand completed a compact car in the domestic market second layout. This is an entry-level car, priced at 7.99-10.99 million, a total of 5 models of different configurations, then in the 5 models which have the highest cost-effective? The new car assessment network drive Kewozi video for the new car price SAIC Chevrolet Kewozi models listed price list price (yuan) 1.5L manual Xinxiang edition 7.991.5L automatic Xinxiang edition 8.891.5L manual version of the 9.091.5L version of the 9.991.5L automatic information information automatic Xinshang version of the 10.9958 car Kewozi currently launched a total of three configuration level, divided into: Xinxiang version happy, and still version version. The first two configuration levels provide a manual and 6 speed automatic version of the speed of the highest, but the latest version of the new version of the only automatic version of the 6 speed of 5. In addition, according to the official promotions, where in October 31, 2016 before the set of consumers will also enjoy the additional benefits: tax package purchase tax inclusive price, according to different models, from low to high 3415-4619 yuan. Secure packet — the first year of commercial insurance (car damage + third party liability + non deductible) package, each unified car can save 4000 yuan. The financial burden of loan interest all inclusive package (4W fixed interest rate of 0 – 18), the total provincial interest of about 2500 yuan (calculated in accordance with the basic car loan interest rate of 8%). In summary, Kewozi surprise package for consumers to save at least 9915 yuan Car Buying cost savings of up to 12000 yuan. For the new profile appearance, SAIC Chevrolet Kewozi uses Chevrolet’s new family design style, with models in the standard double L shaped lamps and LED daytime running lights, double C taillights are all standard. Body size, length and width of the previously reported Chevrolet Kewozi high reached 454417791467 mm, a wheelbase of 2600 mm, is the mainstream size at the same level models. The official prepared a 5 appearance of the coating color is Kewozi, were black, white, blue crystal pearl, agate red and amber brown. Pictured above, saddle brown leather punch interior, but only with the top of the new version can be provided. Low with the Xinxiang version used is the "black three-dimensional embossed fabric interior, with a happy version as" black leather upholstery fabric stitching". Kewozi overall interior design from the Chevrolet family classic wing type double cabin. Configuration, the new car will be all standard intelligent start stop function, will also use 7 inch high-definition touch screen, equipped with a new generation of Chevrolet MyLink intelligent interconnection system, compatible with the Baidu CarLife, will also be equipped with air filtration system PM2.5. Power, Chevrolet Kewozi will be powered by a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated engine. Transmission, the engine is matched with a 5 speed manual transmission and a 6 speed automatic transmission.相关的主题文章: