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Zhang Yuqi and the Zhang Yuqi Quanan Wang

flash marriage | company _ Sina entertainment _ sina.com.cn October 26th morning, Zhang Yuqi traced with mystery man MiHui, and buy a house together. Then Zhang Yuqi studio issued a micro-blog statement revealed more explosive news, Zhang Yuqi has been with the gentleman licensing, and said two people met ten days fell in love, married seventy days later. Media reporter learned that the man for the financial sector in Shanghai, with a number of companies. Zhang Yuqi admits the flash marriage in October 26th, a group of online exposure Zhang Yuqi suspected new romance picture, said Zhang Yuqi was a mysterious man at the airport, two people are traveling along with Zhang Yuqi came to a high-end residential. Into the area shortly after they go out again, Zhang Yuqi dress up with a mysterious man around the supermarket, two people talking in the supermarket shopping, it is very intimate, a young couple posture. The second day, Zhang Yuqi and the mysterious man with a car showings. Just a news exposure, Zhang Yuqi was released by studio news: "to the world account had no direction in life, but since it has been" exposure ", simply go directly in front of the" news ". The princess Bella officially announced: miss Zhang Yuqi has found her prince beast, two single people met for ten days in seventy days, acquaintance married, this is a just perfect to meet, who believe in love will always be the fate of the visit. Thank you for your concern and blessing, only willing to work quietly, a light life." When Zhang Yuqi announced soon after marriage, a netizen in the Shanghai Ruijin Hospital encounter the queue waiting to accompany newlywed couple, male founder knee surgery. It is reported that Zhang Yuqi and current husband met a man in company held in July 2nd this year, she participated in the "Chongqing Nanping Wanda shop opening ceremony", in the same day also sent micro-blog. Understanding, both are single. After that, the two feelings of rapid fermentation, in September officially got the card. The timeline coincides with today’s studio seventy days to get married, saying the match. On September 9th, Zhang Yuqi also said "micro-blog burst shy in September 9th, nine is a good day". Now, the day is a good day to receive. The husband is the financial sector in Shanghai announced the marriage hearing, a lot of friends on the Zhang Yuqi beast Prince identity is very curious. Some friends broke the news, Zhang Yuqi husband surnamed yuan, Shanghai financial sector. Media reporter survey found that the current husband of her current husband named Yuan Bayuan, Dr. Fudan University, CFA, has many years of experience in securities, funds. Worked in July 2002 Shenyin Securities Investment headquarters as an investment manager, investment planning department, Fidelity Fund Management Limited as a researcher, assistant fund manager, the fund manager, is currently sitting on a number of companies. According to the enterprise network information shows that he is a Shanghai new general supervisor equity investment company, is also the Jian Shang industrial Limited by Share Ltd, Jian Shang Garment Co. Ltd., general Cci Capital Ltd executive director, corporate, financial strength. According to the estimate of public information, Bayuan yuan assets of up to one billion, can be described as "one billion small". Another netizen pointed out that the husband相关的主题文章: