The eggplant and cucumber can’t be eaten but they can be used 驯龙高手dm456

The eggplant and cucumber can not eat but can be used with [Abstract] and electronic products, Kitchenware and tableware have concept of accessories and peripherals, but generally very few people deliberately for this kind of product positioning, such as iron eggplant. The Tencent Digital Su Yang (please note that the following less energy, occasionally there will be some let you "eat a pound of something) I am a very love the kitchen, for cooking, I have absolute confidence, but this does not mean that I have to do to reach the acme of perfection feast point. It’s good to say that, on average, because I know that a lot of young people don’t cook well. Above this picture, I usually try to do some Chinese dishes. So, you have to ask, is the next to share recipes or teach you to cook? No I want to do, is to share some interesting kitchen utensils, as far as possible for the recipes, rely on this delicacy app to help you, of course, the most important is you understand. [a] a handy tool handy kitchen knife can be said to be the effect of cooking, processing all the ingredients cannot do without knife knife, if not good, less effective, if the knife in half. When the tool selection, consumers under normal circumstances will buy a knife, or chop bone knife or knife, but also used Goods are available in all varieties., finally only chop bone knife and knife, so if you do not cook more frequently than once a day and many dishes dishes not limited to words. Recommended to buy sets of knives. I love with chop bone slice combo knife, the first half of the blade section, half edge to cut bone, but this little bit of trouble, if the time to chop bone is part of the first half, the knife easily curled. So the kitchen frequency is not high, compared with the recommended is slicing knife, after all can’t handle ingredients such as pork, you can go directly to the vendor, and considering that many people prefer Western-style food, a long edge (Gyuto) is a good type of products, of course, if you feel too long is not safe, can choose the tough short the three (Santoku). A, known as the To Jiro produced, the launch of the DP series of F-808 Co alloy chopper is a Good Design Award won the good design award, blade length 210mm, also have a shorter F8-807, blade length 180mm, if it is not long enough, then the 330mm F-812 should be able to meet the demand. To Jiro’s, the biggest feature is the modern steel and steel collocation traditional craft, handmade blade, sharp and durable, cobalt alloy steel core 13 chromium stainless steel knife body material used, corrosion resistance is prominent, unlike carbon knife as frequently need maintenance or even oil, water can wash cloth. A good pot in the kitchen, in addition to knives, the pot is also one of the important kitchen utensils, especially Chinese food, nearly 100% of the food needs to use the pot. In terms of usage and frequency, I love Chinese food frying pan with a handle, and iron, cast iron pot, such as southern iron, of course the spatula cast iron pot can also use a cheap, because Chinese cuisine in order to use the uniform heating of the food, love Britain spoon, followed by iron pot help.相关的主题文章: