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"Makeup makeup" National Day Date correct way to open the Sohu in September has come to an end, Wuli workers already worried, have said intolerable restlessness. Young lovers can finally be able to go on the National Day holiday to go to the field of food to go. Think of a good makeup. And don’t want to find him, you need this ultra detailed scheming "makeup makeup", Yan UP is imperceptibly. "The key makeup makeup is: thin flawless makeup + soft natural eyebrow makeup eye makeup pink blush + + clear bright lips. Flawless Makeup: makeup light has long been said eight hundred times, flawless makeup is not only thin a thin layer of air cushion BB, small series like this some small spots will not clean makeup. Try to use makeup on It differs from man to man., translucent effect more easily create thin flawless effect. Natural and soft eyebrow Makeup: clear bright Makeup: pull the eyeliner eye end can make the eye more slender, also want to contact a little girl don’t use eyeliner beyond the end of eye. Pink blush lip: vibrant "makeup makeup" fix, look suddenly full of vitality, eyes bright and clear, sweet pink lips. The overall makeup looks clean and light. Luxury Princess small love this makeup, good-looking and practical, life must get up quickly! Don’t make up never mind, please pay attention to learn make-up WeChat public number: makeup_sefei (- press copy), and Princess beauty makeup, Manicure school every day to share skills for you, teach you to become beautiful beautiful.相关的主题文章: