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Lippi brings the confidence of the team next year to change the miracle to win as soon as possible – Sohu 0-0 Huang Bowen Qatar National Football Sports midfield ball had a rival Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Fan) although still failed to win, although still ranked bottom panel, although the possibility of qualifying still exist only in theory, but the card in the battle after outside of Lippi coached the Orangemen still hope. Last night, the 2018 World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of 12 to start the fifth round of competition, the Orangemen sits home court Kunming, 0 0 draw with Qatar team. Lippi taught the country to let everyone see the change, but this change also takes a long time to continue, benign. Lippi is confident in his ability to bring confidence to play football before we already know China team qualifying situation, really hope not, after the match of our situation will be more difficult. But I told the players, "you are not inferior to anyone, we played good football, our strength in Qatar, but we are very unlucky, because there is three times the beam column missed opportunities."" Lippi said after the game. Lippi took office at the beginning, he had expressed the hope that he can win the Qatar team, to enhance the confidence of the players. Last night’s game, although the Orangemen did not in the home court gains 3 points, but the players in regrets, talk about the most is the harvest of confidence. Captain Zheng Zhi said: "there are a lot of players to the national team a lot of pressure, after all, on behalf of the state, sometimes put not to open, Lippi came to the players more confidence, let us more confident to play the game. We also see that the national team has the strength to kick the football that they want to play. A lot of players on the court to try to create opportunities, so that they have the opportunity to score." Other players also said that after Lippi took office, in addition to technical and tactical aspects, for the team to instill the most is self-confidence, he hopes the players believe their own strength, courage to play. Zhang Xizhe international from Beijing Guoan yesterday in the game in the first stage, he also said that after the game, in the training process, the "silver fox" constantly for the players to build confidence, tell the players don’t bear too much pressure in the face of the game, in the game to win the team pass then matched, to believe they have this ability. In the game to create opportunities for Jiang Zhipeng after the game that the team played well, and believe in yourself, "he said before the game we Chinese is the best player in the game together, we should not be timid and overcautious, everyone is very good, our ability stronger than the opponent." The team is changing Chinese team is on the right path from the game data, either possession or the number of shots, the Orangemen are far higher than the opponent, in any shot 3 times, hitting the woodwork, ultimately failed to beat the opponent in the home court, players are very disappointed. So far, the Orangemen have alive preliminaries for 374 minutes without scoring, although the situation is still grim, but both players boss admits the team is changing, this change in confidence, also included in the game show.相关的主题文章: