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The 30 day of the 30 teams in the forest wolf: Renaissance – Sohu   sports Tieshuai transformation system to lead the 2 champion; from the new season opening date draws near, recently, NBA official website published 30 days beginning 30 team series on each team league offseason operation were reviewed, also discussed the prospect of their next year. Performance. Today, the official website of the team, is the Minnesota timberwolves. The season record: 29 wins and 53 negative players this summer: Damian – Greg – Smith rudes, summer staff: new coach Tom – Thibodeau, Chris – Dunn (round fifth overall), Cole – Aldridge, Jordan – Hill, Brandon rush since the 2003-04 season, the Minnesota Timberwolves have been the playoffs, also in that year, Kevin Garnett is in high and vigorous spirits. Next, the wolves went through the so-called "lost ten years", basketball has already become the third local sports, is American football (Minnesota Vikings) and ice fishing in the far left behind. During this period, the Timberwolves only one season, winning more than 5 (2004-05 season, 44 wins and 38 losses), more miserable is that the 2009 draft, they also not once, but two times missed off day after MVP super giant – Stephen – Curitiba opportunity. For 12 years they were lost in the wilderness! However, after being plagued by bad management and bad luck 10, with the old handsome Philip – Saunders’s return, the Timberwolves began to sail towards the right track, the team also ushered in the opportunity to transit. But last summer, the bad news came, because Saunders died of cancer. Before he died, he contributed to a number of operations, it is this series of operations, only to boost the revival of the timberwolves. In 2014, the original core wolves Kevin love is away, that year’s champion Andrew virchis as a bargaining chip, into the lineup. In 2015, the Timberwolves were lucky to win the champion, this time, they took the Carle – Anthony – Downes. The pair of the past two years, won the rookie of the year, and has become the cornerstone of the team. Minnesota has a tempting prospect, which is why, coach Tom Thibodeau will be in many of the suitors, their final choice reason. During the offseason, tin is all handsome coach in a free, recognized as the most outstanding. In order to lock the Tieshuai heart, wolves owner Glen Taylor hired him to coach at the same time, he also gives the dual responsibilities of the general manager. In addition to the Bulls management, perhaps no one questioned Thibodeau’s coaching ability. But when it comes to the operation of the player, his decision is wise or not, but needs to be tested. After taking office, Thibodeau was first hired veteran manager Scott Layden as his deputy, then from the Spurs in the draft, he picked the 2016 talent is recognized the best point guard in the ¬ – Chris – Dunn. Dunn carried the basketball DNA, may accurately match the tactical needs of Thibodeau, he has such as相关的主题文章: