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Drug traffickers in the bottom of grapefruit digging holes in the possession of methamphetamine store transaction detained Shenzhen evening news (reporter correspondent Zhang Shaoqiong Xie Xiaowen) for drug traffickers checked, it pains. A good grapefruit, the bottom is dug a small hole, the small ice inside, trying to deceive the public trading, or did not expect to escape the police check "piercing eye". Recently, the Baoan police arrested a drug dealer in pomelo. Recently, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau Baoan Xinqiao police station in investigating a drug case, "psychological" education on drug suspects. The drug suspect confessed a man who had sold the drug to him, and expressed his willingness to cooperate with the police to arrest the drug trafficking man. According to the clues, the police immediately judged analysis to grasp for drug trafficking in November 17th at 8 pm for the drug trade, at the same time to trade is located in Baoan District Road near a shopping mall in advance. 7 night, police led the ambush team ahead in the months of waiting near the mall. About 1.5 hours later, the drug trafficker was carrying a grapefruit in the doorway of the mall, as if waiting for the arrival of the connector. Hidden in the not far from the informants immediately identified, the police and the ambush team ambush for rapid drug trafficking suspects will control, and from the grapefruit found a pack of suspected methamphetamine. Subsequently, the police seized the package of methamphetamine, and brought the suspect back to the police station for further investigation. After interrogation, the suspect of drug trafficking yuan confessed his crime of drug trafficking. Yuan said, he usually worried about checked, have used a variety of methods to hide drugs trading. In November 17th, he used a transparent plastic bag of the ice, with a paper towel wrapped tightly in the street to buy a grapefruit, dig a small hole in the bottom of the drug into the hole then, blocked, to escape the police to trace. At present, the suspect yuan has been legally detained by the Xinqiao police station, and the case is further digging out the line. Editor in chief: GDN005

毒贩在柚子底部挖小洞藏冰毒 在商场门口交易被拘   深圳晚报讯 (记者 张少琼 通讯员 谢晓雯) 为防毒品被查,毒贩子可谓费尽心思。一个好端端的柚子,底部被挖了个小洞,将小包的冰毒放进去,试图掩人耳目进行交易,没想到还是逃不过检查民警的“火眼金睛”。近日,宝安警方刑拘了一名用柚子藏毒的毒贩。   近日,深圳市宝安公安分局新桥派出所民警在侦办一宗吸毒案时,对吸毒嫌疑人进行“攻心”教育。该吸毒嫌疑人供述了一名曾经卖毒品给他的男子,并表示愿意配合民警抓捕贩毒男子。根据线索,民警立即展开研判分析,掌握到贩毒男子将在11月17日晚上8时许进行毒品交易,同时了解到交易地点位于宝安区前进一路某商场附近。当晚7时,办案民警带领伏击队员提前在商场附近进行蹲点守候。   大约一个半小时后,贩毒嫌疑人手提一个柚子出现在商场门口时,似乎在等待接头人的到来。藏在不远处的举报人立即指认,埋伏多时的民警与伏击队员快速将贩毒嫌疑人控制,并从柚子里找到疑似冰毒一包。随后,民警依法收缴了该包冰毒,并将嫌疑人带回派出所进一步调查。   经审问,贩毒嫌疑人袁某供述了其贩卖毒品的犯罪事实。袁某称,他平时担心被查,曾用多种方法隐藏毒品进行交易。11月17日,他用透明塑料袋装了冰毒,再用纸巾包裹严实,在路边买了一个柚子,在底部挖出一个小洞,把毒品塞进去,再将洞口堵住,以逃避警方追查。   目前,嫌疑人袁某已被新桥派出所依法刑事拘留,该案正在进一步深挖扩线中。 责任编辑: GDN005相关的主题文章: