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Travel-and-Leisure If there is a place in Spain more rich and abounding in tradition, it’s definitely the city Seville. Diverse sights and attractions are reflections of Seville’s history. Tourists can get a look at time past as Seville presents a historic feel from its old and ancient structures. Seville’s Monumental Sights The streets of Seville are dotted with a blend of modern and ancient architecture, historic monuments and nature parks that are sure to cultivate cultural interests. The city’s Cathedral stands on a site that was formerly a city mosque. It is acclaimed as the largest amongst the medieval and gothic cathedrals ever made. It has an intricately designed and extravagantly decorated interior. The Giralda Tower, which was then a minaret, leaves a mark of its Arabic influences. The Reales Alczares or the Alczar was once a Moorish Palace. It was improved with a Mudjar dcor by Pedro I. The large beautifully preserved gardens reflect a .bination of Arabic and Renaissance style and influence. Located in the Guadalquivir River banks, the Torre del Orro in ancient times was part of the city wall and used as a watchtower and barricade. Now a place for the Naval Museum, it is also an entry point to the Arenal district, Seville’s bullfighting area. The University of Sevilla echoes the old-fashioned baroque structures of the first European tobacco .pany, La Antigua Fabrica de Tabacos. The Archive of the Indies displays the splendor of classical Spanish Renaissance artistry. Similarly, the Casa de Pilatos and the San Telmo Palace offers the distinct Renaissance architectural influence. The Museum of Fine Arts in Convent de la Merced is hailed as one of Spain’s best museums. Works of famous artists like El Greco, Velquez, and Leal and art paintings by Murillo can be viewed in this museum. It also hosts several religious relics and artifacts in the cathedral. The Archeological Museum contains ancient Roman currencies and other significant treasure and rare oriental pieces. Also featuring other Roman artifacts is the Musuem de la Condesa de Librija. The Flamenco Museum introduces tourists to the classic flamenco dance. It’s a must-see venue for every visitor in Seville. Flamenco aficionados can experience and be acquainted with this Andalusian culture. Seville has several nature parks and gardens that add to the historic mood of the city. The Parque Maria Luisa’s landscape .plements the surrounding structures’ antique setting. The Garden of Murillo and the Catalina de Ribera Gardens are nestled along the Alczar walls. The Jardin Ingls, Jardin de los Poetas, Jardin de la Vega Inclan, Parque de los Principes, Parque del Alamillo, Parque Amante, are just few of the nature parks and gardens that tourists can visit. Seville, Spain is definitely a destination for historic sight-seeing. There’s no other place where you get to see and experience the Andalusian culture at its best. Seville offers its old-age attractions preserved through time. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: