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Health When a dog has skin problems, we rarely suspect these as food allergies or sensitivities. As most dogs keep eating the same type of dog food for years, the food usually escapes our radar as the problem. But dogs, like humans, can develop sensitivity to any food or additive at any time. Recent estimates indicate that 10 to 15 percent of all allergic skin diseases in dogs are caused by food allergy. In such cases, they should be given allergy dog food, i.e., food that does not cause allergic reactions. As dog food is made up of a .bination of ingredients, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly which is causing the allergy. The most .mon ingredients that can cause problems in a dog include beef, chicken, corn, eggs, fish, lamb, milk, preservatives, pork, soy, wheat, and whey. The primary symptom that appears in a dog having food allergy is itchy skin. Other symptoms may include anal itching, ear inflammations, hair loss, licking front paws, loss of appetite, face rubbing, and head shaking. Sometimes asthma-like symptoms, behavioral changes, diarrhea, flatulence, seizures, sneezing, and vomiting can also be observed. When you conclude after consultations with your veterinarian, that food may be the underlying cause of your dog’s allergy, then you can begin an elimination diet. Discard all the foods in the dog’s diet that are included in the list above, and give him/her allergy dog food, which may be a .mercial or homemade diet .prising ingredients the dog has never eaten before. The homemade allergy dog food should .prise two parts starch and one part protein. Duck, salmon, soy, venison, and rabbit may form the protein part, and rice and potatoes the starch, but soy and rice cannot be always called safe substitutes. Some animal medical centers re.mend duck and potato based foods as allergy dog food. You can also choose a special .mercial food blends as allergy dog food. As the homemade food is not nutritionally .plete, it should not be continued for more than 8 weeks. Whatever allergy dog food you choose for your pet, it should be the only food the dog ingests during the elimination period. So, say adieu to table scraps, dog biscuits, dog bones, rawhide chews, vitamins, minerals or chewable heartworm pills. If symptoms improve during the elimination period, you can reintroduce each of the eliminated food items one at a time. Each food should be tested for a week before another is introduced. This will help you to pinpoint which foods may be causing problems if symptoms resurface. And once you detect the offensive food, it will be easier for you to choose the right allergy dog food to keep your pet free from allergy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: