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UnCategorized Many of us have traveled extensively but have at the end of our travels .e away feeling less than satisfied which is why it makes sense to find out a little bit more about how spiritual travel can provide that feeling of fulfillment. If you have had your fill of cathedrals from the Gothic era and the sight of another Madonna does not uplift your spirits then you need to find an alternative solution which can take the form of traveling to find spiritual solace. Spiritual travel is more than a catch phrase meant to make you seek some far off destination. As a matter of fact, traveling for spiritual reasons is not new because from the very earliest times in our history people have made pilgrimages. Traveling for religious purposes is not a new concept and as far back as in the early 16th century Spanish nationals (Jesuits) used to travel to places such as Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina to build missions where natives would be educated in the Christian religion. Today, however if you want to travel to find spiritual awakening there are as many different options available to you can imagine and these options provide you with a chance to visit places other than the Vatican and Yucatan and Egypt. If you wish to enjoy solitary spiritual upliftment then it pays to take in a few idyllic places such as Buddhist monasteries that are mostly situated in Asia with a few also located in the USA and in Europe. However, for a true spiritual Buddhist experience you need to travel to Bodhgaya in India which is located in the Indian state called Bihar where Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment beneath a Bodhi tree. The place where Lord Buddha achieved his enlightenment is now the home of a vast Mahabodhi Temple .plex. This particular place is truly exceptional as the surroundings are serenity personified and everything here is absolutely peaceful so as to promote true spiritualistic experiences. It is here that monks read the Holy Scriptures and spend their time contemplating the .plexities and meaning of life. Bodhgaya is home of many a Buddhist monastery each of which is maintained by Buddhists from different countries. If you are planning on flying here, there is an airport at Gaya that is about seven miles away from Bodhgaya and which sees a few flights arriving here from the not too distant metropolis of Kolkata. To get the best out of your visit to Bodhgaya you need to plan your travel during the months November until February. You should also avoid .ing here during June up till September which is when the rains lash Bodhgaya and make it hard to do any contemplation. There are few better places to find spiritual peace than Bodhgaya that has kept itself pure and untouched by the ravages of modern civilization. So, a visit to Bodhgaya will not only be very pleasant and productive; it will also be a very different and unique experience as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: