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Health E Cigs (Electronic Cigarettes) may provide a better and cheaper choice for smokers who cannot kick the nicotine habit. Electronic cigarettes, more .monly called E Cigs, are one alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. In the big debate over E Cigs vs. cigarettes, one big thing that always gets mentioned is the fact that e cigs have no smoke! That is right. Instead of smoking, the electronic device produces a water vapor that also contains nicotine. Because the do not actually make smoke, they do not produce second hand smoke either. After using a vapor device, you won’t have to worry about having smelly clothes or hair either, and this is one big advantage. The fact that the devices do not actually admit smelly smoke means that you may able to use them in places where smoking is prohibited. You can take a puff in a restaurant, non-smoking office, or in a home. Expect some surprised glances though. These devices look like cigarettes. The tip even lights up! Also, they emit a water vapor that has been colored with an FDA approved food coloring in order to resemble smoke. Because the vapor devices have been designed to look like cigarettes, they give the user a similar experience to old fashioned smoking. For long time smokers, who have had a hard time kicking the habit, this can be a big advantage. Nobody can really argue that they will help a person kick a nicotine addiction because they do contain nictotine. However, there are also other factors that go into a smoking habit, and they may provide a better alternative for smokers. According the US government, there is no proof that vapor cigarettes are healthy. But we already know that traditional cigarettes are not healthy. Tobacco smoke contains countless chemicals, and many of these are toxic. The vapor devices should only have water vapor, nicotine, and food coloring. There has been some arguement about that from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it is important to check the paritcular brand you want to use. I would look for a US .pany that has a vested interest in following strict safety standards if you want to buy an electronic cigarette starter kit. The devices were actually invented in China. However, today, a few US .panies have started producing and distributing them. Most of us have noticed these new devices in malls and smoking shops. In order to find cheaper e cigs, you may want to .parison shop online too. You can log in to online stores to get starter kits, gift certificates, and supplies that will get delivered to your home mail box. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: