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Mobile-Cell-Phone Evolution in technology is well definied by Apple Inc. While iPhone 3G is still a top-notch in the market, Apple has .e up with iPhone 4G. Its smooth, slender looks and variety of features shall again hit the market with its same previous craze for the 3G version. Apple iPhone 4G will bring outrage in the market for its new technological capabilities. Apple iPhone 4G is the first ever fourth generation mobile phone. Some of the high technology features of Apple iPhone 3G can be higlighted are GPRS, Blue tooth, EDGE, Wi-Fi , 3G, HSPDA, WLAN, USB. Not only are u getting varity of features, you can also strike a cheap contract deal with Vodaphone, Virign, O2 Orange, 3 and T service providers. And it still doesnt stop here. These contract deals .e with packed surprises like fabulous gifts such as LCD and laptops. Apple iPhone 3G is still highly regarded in the market, something similar yet bigger is expected from this highly equipped new Apple iPhone 4G. Considering Apple iPhone 3G only a stylish phone and feeling prestigeous due its brand name is simply being unjust to the phone. While Apple iPhones speaks for itself, it has unheard specifications and features which makes it a super phone to purchase. It is user friendly, offers varity of features with great service deals, looks amazingly good, what else do you need. Moreover, customers are expecting something more this time from Apple iPhone 4G. Fisrtly, it is a big brand name, secondly, it is .ing up with only ever forth generation phone, ofcourse a lot is bound to be expected. This does create a bit pressure on Apple Inc., it certainly doesnt want to dissapoint its customers. Apple iPhone 4G contrct may be.e a cause of sweats on the foreheads of other mobile .panies after its launch. Not only it is challenging for mobile phone .panies it also a challenge for those who wont be using it since they know they would be missing out on a lot. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: