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Real-Estate Overseas investors .ing to Veneto sometimes look no further than Venice for property to buy. St Mark’s Basilica and Square, a gondola trip along the Grand Canal, the Palazzo Ducale, the Bridge of Sighs Venice has long had a timeless star quality more akin to a giant movie set. The .parison may be rather apt given that one needs a Hollywood-style in.e to buy property in certain areas of Venice. Property here is among the most desirable in all Italy. And in the most in-demand part of Venice, along the Grand Canal between St Marks Square and the Rialto Bridge, a 200sq m apartment will typically set you back Euro 3million-plus while it is not un.mon for penthouses to change hands for the best part of Euro 7million or 8million. Elsewhere, a two or three-bedroom property in a desirable location can frequently leave you with little change from Euro 550,000. It is one of the main reasons the city has seen its population plummet by two-thirds over the past half century, down to its present 60,000. However, many discerning foreign buyers are now following the lead of tens of thousands of Venetians and looking outside the heart of the city to invest in property. A good number go as far afield as picturesque towns such as Padova, Vicenza and Treviso, all within a short train ride of the great city itself. Padova, 20 miles away, has an ancient university and is possibly the priciest of these towns. Here, expect to pay Euro 400,000 for an 80sq m two-bedroom apartment in its fine historic centre, but somewhat less if the property is a fixer-upper. The surrounding countryside is amazing, and in areas such as the smart spa retreat of Abano Terme, Euro 250,000 should get you a two or three-bedroom property. However, in villages such as Mirano and nearby Dolo, also around 15-20 miles out of Venice, prices start from around Euro 2,000 per sq m, giving a typical 80sq m two-bedroom apartment a Euro 160,000 price tag, while a house .es in at around Euro 250,000. In the likes of Vicenza and Treviso, Euro 250,000 should .fortably get you a spacious two-bedroom town centre apartment. Verona, in the west of the Ve.o region, is a thriving industrial and agricultural area hugely popular with tourists. It boasts unsurpassed open-air operas and equestrian shows. There is even better value in the surrounding countryside, especially on the outskirts of Vicenza, east of Verona. This is possibly one of the few remaining parts of Italy where one can still find restoration projects for around Euro 15,000-30,000 for an 80-100 sq m property with two or three bedrooms without having to head south to areas such as Abruzzo or Molise. However, if you can afford to buy real estate in Venice itself, the benefits hardly need to be spelt out. There are few more magical journeys than the water-taxi ride from Piazzale Roma into the city, past one of the worlds most amazing skylines. Or the four-minute water taxi trip from St Mark’s Square to Giudecca. The most affordable of its six districts are Castello, where Euro 300,000 should buy you an 80sq m property, and Dorsoduro, where for the same budget you may have to settle for about half that floor space. That said, Venice attracts 20 million visitors a year, drawn not just by its architectural and romantic charms but by the pulling power of the Venice Film Festival in September, the eight-day Carnevale in winter and the Biennale art exhibition held in June. It keeps rental yields impressively high virtually all-year round. In high season one-bedroom property can fetch up to Euro 1,200 a week, a two-bedroom property Euro 1,900 and the most prestigious properties Euro 6,000+. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: