How To Burn Fat Without Moving Your Feet With Kettlebell Workouts-月丘うさぎ

Health There are much more effective ways to burn fat than running. In fact going for a 20 – 30 minute jog is the last thing that I would prescribe for fat loss. Not only do these jogs magnify injuries in the untrained individual but also reduce your potential for future fat loss. Kettlebell workouts offer a better way to burn fat fast and you don’t even need to move your feet. Running for extended periods of time in most individuals usually causes some kind of injury. The problem with running lies in the constant repetition and the excessive loads going through the kinetic chain from the foot upwards. Research shows that 4-7 times the body weight of an individual travels through the body with every single foot strike. Now add on top of this 1500 average foot strikes per mile and you get an idea of the repetitive load that the body deals with on a 30 minute run. Kettlebell workouts involve no foot strikes and limited repetition. This constant repetition is fine if you have perfect posture and the strength to dissipate the load. Unfortunately most peoples posture is far from perfect due to a lifestyle of sitting and desk work. So imagine the impact that just 1 mile or 1500 steps of 360-630 kg would have on an already misaligned body. If you don’t get injured from the first run, you will later as the constant repetition catches up with you. Ankles, Knees, Hamstrings, Lower back, Shoulders and finally Neck, are all common complaints as the force travels up the kinetic chain. If you are running just to lose fat then there are much more effective ways. Your objective, along with straightening out your diet, is to increase your metabolism. Muscle mass is very energy dependent. In other words, to survive and maintain its size muscle burns a lot of fat. So the more muscle mass you have the more fat you burn, all day and everyday. You also need to temporarily alter your body’s homeostasis so it has to use energy (fat) to restore its natural balance. Running not only decreases muscle mass but isn’t metabolically demanding enough to significantly alter your homeostasis. Kettlebell workouts are different. So if running is not going to shift that fat and also sets you up for repetitive injury, what’s the answer. Kettlebell workouts exploded onto to the fitness scene a few years ago, made famous in Hollywood and now in most gyms. Basically a hunk of metal with a handle. Most exercises you can perform without moving your feet so the impact load on joints is minimum. With an offset centre of gravity they quickly strengthen joints and increase muscle tone. Just swinging a kettlebell for 30 seconds can feel like a 100 metre sprint. If you want to get lean quick without a repetitive injury seek out a kettlebell expert and get started today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: