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PPC-Advertising Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) will often be dismissed by many new site owners, as they can think that a new website will immediately send them traffic. If you were to equate this to opening a new shop on the high street, you would just be hoping people .e across you as they look for something else, if you do not pay for advertising. Hence, when a new shop opens the owner or owners will do a big marketing campaign, local papers and flyers etc. If we then think about this for a site, you can not really just launch a site and expect people to find it. Good SEO should always be your main focus, and, in many years all of the good things you have done, like content, article writing, press releases and link building will not only pay off but see you riding high for your keywords. But, it does take a long time to get there; there can be no question of this is you are doing things properly and ethically. This is where PPC and CPC, or paying for clicks really can .e in. For all of my clients, I re.mend setting up a CPC campaign to last for at least a year. This means that whilst they and I are working on the SEO, building content and tailoring the site, they are getting traffic and hopefully making sales and finding out exactly how their market and indeed their website is working. If you are bidding on top keywords, it can be very expensive, just like if you are going for top natural keywords in Google, it can be very hard to do. But with a little bit of thought and research, you can put together a range of CPC campaigns for a very low price. Some of my clients spend a pound a day on traffic and get quite a bit for that pound, and some spend 100 times this and also do as well. It really depends on how much research you are willing to do. Look at your .petitors, see what they are bidding on and then look at what you want to bid on. If you are selling LCD TVs, dont bid on LCD TVs, start setting up small campaigns actually bidding on the exact model or make of the TV. You would be surprised how many people actually know what they are looking for and search exactly, meaning you can pick up this click for a lot less than bidding on something much more generic. Never see CPC or PPC as you have failed to do things naturally. This will happen if you give it time. Simply see it as another form of advertising which if done correctly, is not only cost effective but very efficient. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: