80 thousand yuan to buy a mature quality of SUV is not a dream car test Beiqi Wei Wang s50- Sohu winlinez

80 thousand yuan to buy a mature quality of SUV is not a dream car test Beiqi Wei Wang S50- Sohu [Sohu] for 100 thousand yuan car truth laboratory level of compact SUV market, fierce competition, independent mainstream hot all the compact SUV are in this price range, so the double brand models Beiqi strategy to deal with, Beiqi Saab X65 equipped with 2.0T engine, the main 10-15 million price range, S50 and Beiqi Wei Wang equipped with 1.5T engine, the main 8-12 million price range, and the other two cars use the same platform, mainly through the engine displacement to pull the price difference. So the S50 is equipped with 1.5T engine Weiwang driving experience how? Today we’ll find out. As a compact SUV, S50’s 8-12 Wei Wang million price can be said that the price is very high, the price than the competitors have advantage, and it is not a simple version of the Saab X65, rich configuration, version and configuration of Saab X65 is only in the displacement be roughly the same, the gap. So reduce emissions, power will not weaken it? With doubt, we drive the car. The 1.5T turbocharged engine equipped with the use of S50 Wei Wang, is a mature technology of MITSUBISHI 4A91T engine, aluminum multi-point EFI engine, the engine is lighter, more complete combustion of fuel injection is more accurate, more fuel-efficient, the maximum power 110kW, maximum torque is 210Nm, the engine parameter value is identical with the Harvard H6, transmission a 6 speed manual and CVT CVT are available. This time we test model is 6 speed manual vehicle design, retaining the fine and small gear is also very clear, very easy to find the corresponding gear shift schedule is moderate, reversing is the need to put on the block to the ring and the left front block, which for this price is a most the first thing Car Buying consumers can avoid careless driving to hang reverse gear. The clutch pedal is very light, the stroke is long, the clutch combination point is easy to master, which makes the new driver is not easy to flameout. Stop the close connection of any speed can find the appropriate gear, even low speed high gear, the engine will not appear jitter phenomenon called stalks, so can cultivate more economical driving ideas, have made outstanding contributions to the daily fuel from the oil ministry given consumption can also be seen, Wei Wang S50 7.3L 0.8L fuel consumption of only 100km, 100km lower than 2.0T Saab X65. Power basically meet the daily driving needs, if you need to complete the overtaking maneuver, push the speed to 2000 rpm, because the turbine will turn into 2000 basic power, at this time there will be a breakthrough outbreak, overtaking operation is completed. In the following 2000 rpm, due to the smaller displacement of 1.5L, a little thin on the power, but for everyday driving in the city, basically enough. Suspension system adopts front Mcpherson type, rear multi link independent suspension,相关的主题文章: