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A distant Acropolis temple – tourism Sohu today specially got up early, because we need to see the world famous Athens weicheng. Athens Weicheng (Acropolis) is the most outstanding Greek ancient buildings, is a comprehensive public buildings, as the center of the religion and politics. The Athens area is about 4 square kilometers, is located in Athens city of the Acropolis hill, built in 580 bc. The earliest buildings are the Athenaeum and other religious buildings. Athens Weicheng, intended for the " the height of the city " or " high hill city ". Out from the hotel by car for half an hour, after a period of climbing the mountain road, the road on both sides of the building are very small alley Athens unique charm. If you have time, I really want to go on a walk in the street. Athens city is not a matter of fact, entered the gate, is a mountain above the platform, walk around a circle basically ruins all can go to the temple, our route is from the map on the left side of the de Ernie Sos theatre started up the mountain into the mountain. Athens city is famous for many people, especially during the peak period, is crowded, have seen a friend of the Raiders, 11 in the morning the Acropolis was full of tourists. So, love peace and love photography friends, must not be lazy, wake up early, 9 points before entering the Acropolis, people will be much less, but the sun did not rise, the weather is not too hot. The morning will encounter soldiers stand guard ceremony. In ancient Greek mythology, people built a new city in the Aegean, Athena hopes to become the patron of the city, Poseidon also want to obtain the ownership of the town, they refused to give up and fight. Later, Zeus ruled, who can give people a most useful things, the city belongs to who. Poseidon with the Trident struck the rock, from the inside out of a symbol of war. And Athena with a spear hit rock, stone immediately quickly grow out of the olive tree a lush foliage, fruit. The olive tree is a symbol of peace and harvest. Thus, Athena became the protection of the city god. The city was named after her in Athens. And planted the olive trees all over Athens. So the temples on the Acropolis in the victory goddess Athena statue. But now that the war is gone. Along the stone road, we slowly climbed the hill, a big dog attracted my attention, Athens these days, I found a lot of dogs, and are of great size, but very simple, most of the time are in this "Athens lying posture". Climbing along the mountain road for a while, you can see the ruins of the theater. The mountain is quite difficult to walk, recommended to wear sports shoes, sandals or flat to go. The road here is a lot of stone ground, it is easy to wrestling. The theater is located in the south of Athens is the 2.5 Acropolis, amphitheater, connected by porch. It is also the oldest open-air theater in greece. Can accommodate 17000 people. Leave the theatre, go on, is the propylaia. Propylaia is the entrance to the Athens Acropolis, built in 0.相关的主题文章: