A hospital in Zhoushan at the scene shameful begging deaf swearing-yezimei

A hospital in Zhoushan at the scene "shameful begging deaf" swearing in a hospital or other place, there may be disabled for help, hope you can help them. Such a person, often arouse people’s compassion. However, when you find that you have compassion and sympathy, even if there is no physical disability, people will be very angry. The use of good deeds will be despised by most people. Recently, the netizen "crayon boats have found such a ridiculous thing in a hospital in Zhoushan, and caused a hot friends. A post in Zhoushan hospital, the "deaf" with love list forced begging mobile phone camera was swearing. In the hospital, there are a number of twenty years old, sound limbs deaf people, holding a love donation style manual. I use the phone to shoot the instructions, actually do not let look carefully, not to shoot…… At this time, there is a "deaf mute" swearing! I immediately disappear…… You don’t have to be fooled. The thread can be lovely: cocoa at noon in the nine hundred bowl dinner when encountered, a personal donation. Sxl: true love is the liar ruined, between people more and more of each other, social trust is all gone in various scams. Zhoushan small pier: mainly the cost of fraud is now too low, so that bad guys increasingly arrogant. So, if you do a good thing this year, it must be the top version. Zhoushan small Tucao: maternal and Child Health Hospital (the old Zhoushan Hospital), I also met a young man quite refreshing, about 20 years old, patted my shoulder, and then handed me a similar paper, I am stunned, not bird him. Whyzkj321: four or five years ago encountered, are some young boys and girls, so old-fashioned tricks still use. Zsalou: time and time again and again, never give, security brother dereliction of duty. Piapia: beg, hands and feet, and young, do the work. Zsfish: Starbucks also encountered. Don’t ignore that able-bodied beggars, the old lady over there the industrial and Commercial Bank of China ten thousand times stronger than he, any garbage scavengers are ten thousand times stronger than they.相关的主题文章: