A luxury charm m50f by value Xianshengduoren Yan Wei Wang k9084

A luxury charm M50F by Yan Wei Wang before the value Xianshengduoren, Beiqi Wei Wang’s new flagship MPV models, M50F formally on October 10th in Wang Wei Beiqi Zhuzhou factory, marked Beiqi Wei Wang "M+S" brand in the market to complete the strategic transformation layout. As a universal positioning in the high-end MPV M50F Wei Wang it embodies the latest development, market leading manufacturing strength, with high value, high technology, high performance pigments, high configuration of the four high market competitive advantage, more comprehensive market leading products at the same level. The concept of independent innovation. The more luxurious surface is different from the traditional commercial MPV models, M50F Wei Wang early in the design fully consider the home fashion elements, fit the current pursuit of yen value of consumer demand, the fusion of design concept of luxury brands and independent manufacturing characteristics completely, thus the value of "Yan control" most incisive. Even in the face of young consumers, its shape is attractive enough. The overall shape of view, M50F has the virtues as well on other high-end brands unique stylish atmosphere, straight waist design but without losing the sense of hierarchy, in make a clearer sense of the side of the line at the same time, also the end of the car’s heavy sense of distance. In addition, the droplets cool LED headlamps and LED daytime running lights, not only the unique design, light effect is outstanding, improve the grade of the whole vehicle. The type LED headlight design details is also commendable, the new multi picture and dual two grille design, to meet the different consumer preferences, but also make the product more personalized elements. Hidden D column for the vehicle to create the most stylish suspension roof styling. Multi picture 16 inch wheels color and type C LED taillights, also contributed a punchline for car design. Wei Wang M50F in the pursuit of "Yan value control", Wei Wang M50F also did not forget to take into account the practical large space MPV. Vehicle size up to 4724× 1796× 1748mm, wheelbase 2760mm, remarkable at the same level. Exquisite and comfortable design exquisite luxury car for more material, M50F is the use of Wei Wang "mobile travel" human centered concept, to create a luxurious, spacious and full of sense of technology of the space inside the car, be comfortable. Winwon M50F uses symmetrical layout, and is equipped with two kinds of interior style, respectively, showing a different atmosphere, to meet the different demands of consumers. The most striking thing Weiwang M50F car console 9 inch suspension screen, its shape and display a charm of luxury cars. 12 inch TFT LCD digital instrument, passion surging movement patterns and the delicate and comfortable mode of the two screen display options at any time according to the mood switch, unique at the same level. 9 inch suspension screen 12 inch TFT digital instrument 9 inch and 12 inch screen suspension TFT digital instrument, composed of the interior of the M50F killer – winwon double digital LCD screen, new car interior grade so far more than the same level models, full of high-end department Huade texture. Winwon M50F manufacturing MPV explosion models inside and outside of the car outside China, is M!相关的主题文章: