A man in Guangdong hotel parking lot hostage-taking police capture 5 minutes – Beijing-ppbox

A man in Guangdong hotel parking lot hostage-taking police capture 5 minutes – Beijing 17 am yesterday, Jiangmen District of Pengjiang city in a hostage-taking case. After the incident, Pengjiang Public Security Bureau Swat, patrol police and Metro Police Station quick response, collaborative operations, only about 5 minutes to crack the case, arrested the suspect man, successfully rescued the hostages kidnapped. Yesterday, 17 o’clock, in Jiangmen Pengjiang District Yucca Hotel parking lot in a car, a man hijacked a child, in order to threaten the child’s mother to give money, but also let her go to the high speed intersection. After receiving the alarm, Jiangmen City Public Security Bureau of Pengjiang Police SWAT Beiqin group, Patrol Police Brigade Road patrol police and metro area quickly alarming police station, rushed to the driving direction of the vehicle to intercept the hijacked. 17:15, the police in the construction of two road intersection to find the hijacked car, then quickly intercept, control the suspected hostage taking man, successfully rescued two mothers and children, and seized tools of crime scissors, transparent adhesive tape and other items. After the first trial, the suspect he a orchid (male, 27 years old, Hunan province) confessed, at 17 o’clock that day, he was in the Yucca Hotel parking lot, followed by a child with a child into the car, holding a knife to hold the child to the woman for the crime facts. At present, the case is still under investigation. (reporter Yan Jianguang correspondent Huang Yujun)

广东一男子酒店停车场劫持人质 警察5分钟擒凶-中新网   昨天17时许,江门市蓬江区发生一宗劫持人质案件。案发后,蓬江公安分局特警、巡警及新城派出所快速反应,协同作战,仅用约5分钟的时间就破获了案件,抓获嫌疑男子,成功解救出被劫持的人质。   昨天17时许,在江门市蓬江区逸豪酒店停车场一辆小车内,一名男子劫持了一名小孩,以此威胁孩子的母亲给钱,还让她将车开往高速路口。   接到报警后,江门市公安局蓬江分局特警动中备勤组民警、巡警大队路面巡逻民警及辖区新城派出所民警迅速处警,赶往被劫持车辆驾驶方向进行拦截。   17时15分,该局民警在建设二路一个路口发现被劫持的小汽车,于是迅速上前拦截,一举控制涉嫌劫持人质的男子,成功解救母子二人,并缴获作案工具剪刀、透明胶布等物品。   经初审,犯罪嫌疑人贺某兰(男,27岁,湖南省人)交代称,当天17时许,他在逸豪酒店停车场,尾随一名带小孩的妇女进入小车内,持刀挟持小孩向该妇女要钱的犯罪事实。   目前,该案仍在进一步侦办中。(记者严建广 通讯员黄宇军)相关的主题文章: