A new 31 million shares of the new good real new control to strengthen the holdings kamikaze love

31 million new shares once again Liupai new actual control holdings stepped up the hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Securities Times reporter Yu De River in September 29th 10 in the morning show taobao.com the judicial auction platform, Guangzhou Bo Rong Investment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou broadhr") held a new good (000007) 31 million shares of the second auction again Liupai third auction time from October 4th to October 5th, the price not yet determined. The sum of equity after the first auction, the starting price of 1 billion yuan, due to no auction liupai. Just the second end of the auction, starting price dropped to 733 million yuan, but only one application, and the bidding rules requires at least two people signed up and bid up the reserve price to clinch a deal, so again liupai. Securities Times e reporters call a new good, the staff said, has been concerned about the situation, but this is a matter of the shareholders level, the specific situation is not clear. Reporter asked the new major shareholder of the company will be a good new Qianhai disk, the staff replied that the auction has a person registration, but there is no way to know who. Guangzhou Bo Rong held by judicial auction was 31 million shares accounted for 13.42% of the total equity of the new good, after the completion of the auction may lead to significant changes in the ownership structure of the new good, then set side (if not good new Qianhai) will become the largest shareholder, but with the right to vote on the still low in Qianhai is not new, for now the actual control status. Guangzhou Bo shares held by the judicial auction is due to a dispute over a debt guarantee. Previously, provide a guarantee for debts of Guangzhou Bo Rong Guangzhou Automobile Expo Center of Shantou Huicheng company, and later because the settlement of disputes, Shantou Huicheng Guangzhou Bo Rong and other related parties to court, and apply for the preservation of the proceedings. At that time, Guangzhou Bo Rong and Soochow securities signed a loan agreement to repurchase securities, due to the above matters and can not perform, Soochow securities sued Guangzhou Bo Rong, also for the preservation of the proceedings, the court of Guangzhou Bo Rong shares were waiting for judicial attachment. The evening of September 7th, a new good announcement, the company recently received the Suzhou City Intermediate People’s court delivered the ruling executive, due to Soochow securities Guangzhou broadhr pledge of 31 million shares have cis position prior to the real right for security, and Guangzhou broadhr has not yet been fully fulfill previously civil obligations as determined by the judgment, Suzhou City Intermediate People’s court held that that should be on the Guangzhou Bo Rong held new good 31 million shares for public auction in the auction platform taobao.com, proceeds to fulfill their obligations, the effective immediately after the ruling is served. Qianhai’s new good and concerted action has also been taking action to consolidate the new good control. Guangzhou Bo is now a new major shareholder, holding 35 million 31 thousand and 200 shares, representing the company’s total share capital of 15.17%. Bo Bo, Guangzhou, the actual control of the fly to hold a new good practice 25 million shares, accounting for the total share相关的主题文章: