A pair of smart sneakers with Samsung descent will show up at MWC-happynewyear

A pair of sports shoes Samsung descent intelligent will appear IoFIT smart shoes Sina mobile phone news Beijing time on February 16th morning news in MWC, in the global mobile communications conference will open next week (MWC), in addition to the S7 mobile phone and the new Gear smart watches, smart sports shoes and a Samsung descent with the audience meet. The shoe name is IoFIT, "smart sports shoes", which is arranged inside the speed and pressure sensor, can monitor the user’s behavior, and provide guidance for different types of exercise; in addition the shoes will feel the weight change of the user, the feet will pressure and moving video combination. In other words, fat people have a lot of pressure to put on these shoes. IoFIT makers believe that mobile phones or smart meters can provide users with data, but they want to do more, in addition to providing data, this thing, they also hope that these data can help exercise, help users improve their health or sports. Theoretically, coaches can give specific suggestions without having to show up. The reason why Samsung didn’t mark it was because it was developed by Samsung’s former employees under the C-Lab project. C-Lab is a Samsung venture capital project, a little support for entrepreneurship. IoFIT has not yet mass production, will be launched around July this year, the public platform, is expected to sell for 149 U.S. dollars (about 970 yuan). It is also said that it does not rule out opportunities to cooperate with Nike or Adidas. (Xiao Guang)   一双有三星血统的智能运动鞋将会在MWC现身 IoFIT智能运动鞋   新浪手机讯 北京时间2月16日上午消息,在下周即将开幕的全球移动通信大会(MWC)上,除了S7手机和新的Gear智能手表,还有一款带着三星血统的智能运动鞋会与观众见面。   这款鞋子的名字是IoFIT,定位“智能运动鞋”,它内部装有速度和压力传感器,可以监控用户的行为,并为不同类型的运动提供指导;另外这款鞋子还会感受到用户的体重变化,将双脚压力与运动视频结合。   换句话说,胖子们穿上这鞋(心理)压力会很大。   IoFIT的制作者认为,目前手机或智能表都能给用户提供数据,但他们想做的更多,除了提供数据这件事,他们还希望这些数据能协助锻炼,帮助用户改善自己的健康或运动状况。理论上,教练无需到场即可给出针对性建议。   之所以没有打上三星的标识,是因为它是三星前员工在C-Lab项目下开发的产品。C-Lab是三星的企业风险投资项目,有点扶持创业的意味。   IoFIT还未进行量产,将在今年7月左右登陆众筹平台,预计售价为149美元起(约合人民币970元)。据说也不排除与耐克或阿迪达斯等厂商合作的机会。(晓光)  相关的主题文章: