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A Phuket, two play (with super detailed practical travel Raiders) – Sohu is travel, life elsewhere "not long ago, our friend and four big two small to travel together. Few month old baby travel demand based on comfortable and easy and convenient, complete and perfect, we put the destination in Thailand, phuket. The correct way to open the island holiday, is looking for the right to live in the resort, a few days can not eat and sleep, bubble water. For example, the last Sanya Club Med. This in Phuket, we selected two rural late pool villa, two late Waterfront Hotel collocation. In this way, can experience the island life, go to the seafood market purchase, use villa kitchen (homemade meal, have two men of God in the worship of the chef, face!) And enjoy the pure seaside holiday. Prepare a visa: no longer need a passport and a visa for a small baby exit, with no exception. Then, four big and two small time travel agency Thailand sign. Although Thailand can sign landing, but a variety of Raiders or recommended peak period, such as eleven, the Spring Festival ahead of the visa. Facts have proved that in advance to do really fast and convenient. Ticket: with the baby we firmly choose day a good time to travel, in such a request locked, the final is sharing flights to Hongkong Dragonair and Cathay. After the official website to solve four adult tickets, the baby’s tickets need to call the airline to buy. The telephone can also be used to solve the selection of a baby food and a baby sleeping basket. The airline’s ride experience is very good. In particular, meals, even beef noodles, chicken rice is not ambiguous, warm, taste good. It is worth mentioning that go Haagen Dazs ice cream. Baby food is provided by Heinz, apple Apple Juice Jiabao mud and vegetable chicken each bottle. With a wrapped up and a baby diapers, but for the S code. More than 2 years old baby has another children’s meals, return the French boy saw her silently ate a whole process. The airline baggage now upgrade to 30kg up to two points each. Baby stroller is not included, can be directly checked or at the gate by ground away. If the pocket car can be directly on the plane. Communication: in a certain treasure on the reservation egg, select roaming Superman brand. Experiments have proved that 15 hours of life is indeed durable. Volume weight is good, the signal to the port has been very good. Occasionally broken network, but soon connected. Friends bought a happy card, but also need to find a local HUAWEI mobile phone shop activation, did not reach the floor can be expected to use. Currency: Thai baht. The Consulate in Thailand is given for entry each family unit to carry 4W baht in cash, equivalent to 8000 yuan. Online Raiders are said to be random checks, the probability is not high. Do not want to have too many baht, decided to change the 2W, with some remaining renminbi, Hong Kong dollars, just in case. But this entry did not see who checked. Car rental: on the rental car platform to get international driver’s license and car rental service. With the description of a friend: as a two car rental car rental service is still reliable, at least to do a driver’s license certification. We rented a TOYOTA fortuner. Originally scheduled for I相关的主题文章: