A piece of old factory of Jialing River lies a mysterious old yard gamelink

A piece of old factory of Jialing River lies a mysterious old yard in order to write this article, aging did an experiment in the street casually asked several passers-by, know the big bamboo street how to go? There are two people do not know, there are three people answered the light rail line 6 to the big bamboo station. In fact, the aging to tell you that the big bamboo street from the big bamboo light rail station is far from it. Because the area is full of construction sites, mobile navigation is often wrong. The most reliable way is to take bus 832 to. Why do you want to go to the big bamboo forest? Because old Lian listen to a lot of friends say, where there is a reminiscent of the old factory. The aging in the roaming process, also found a mysterious old yard. The Jialing River in 1990 according to the published "Chongqing gazetteer" records, "Lin Xiang the Jialing River near the north shore of Dazhu…… Street River, massive settlement, multi brick concrete structure building. 1945 to 1949 for the Jiangbei County resident. City second building materials factory. The bus, riverside with passenger and freight terminals". Jialing River turned a corner in the bamboo forest, 70 years ago, the Jiangbei County Government in this site, I am afraid that the land and water traffic is also convenient. Today, the Jialing River and across the river to the ferry terminal, but every two hours to open a class. In Zhang River fishing, when the original factory in two, every half an hour there is a big bamboo boat, very lively. Nowadays, the people who cross the river are few and the docks are quiet. Now is the impoundment of the Three Gorges Dam, the Jialing River is a quiet lake, some boats in the river, and the river, the mountains form a quiet picture. Uncle Zhang said the old factory two factory, is the original Chongqing City second building materials factory, is a well-known state-owned companies. Today, the two factory has been discontinued for many years, the original big bamboo street has been demolished, and two brick plant families still intact so far. Walk through the old factory, is full of nostalgic spectacle Zhetianbiri trees, covered with vines plants of the old house, there’s a sense of very glorious taiwan. In the old refining these 60 eyes, are planned economy era witnessed the prosperity of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises. Today, the glorious Taiwan in the window of a building was empty, the huge volume of buildings and obsolete equipment, like Transformers suddenly lost power, standing on the side of the road. The connection of each branch and the road side shop full of weeds, the winter sun through the roadside tree branches, in shrub and grass leaves, a mysterious warmth. Walking in the same way, as if walking in a trance daydream. The family area dominated by various styles of red brick, although there are many residents, but to give people the feeling is very quiet, as if the Wang Xiaoshuai film "red green" or "intruder" in the scene. When the old yard was still taking pictures in front of an old factory building, an old man said, "what do these rotten houses have to do?". Old one, immediately to the spirit. Along the direction of the elderly, aging came to the right office building originally a dilapidated factory gate, rusty iron steel door was locked, unable to enter. And the door is on, is a huge screen, on the wall "serving the people" stereo?相关的主题文章: