A Solitaire Ring- A Beautiful Diamond Making A Unique Presence.-cancam

Jewelry-Diamonds Soltaire rings are the most popular choice for engagement rings. When purchasing a solitaire ring one should be very clear of his/her budget and the kind of diamond one wants to buy. You need to pay utmost attention on the four Cs when purchasing a solitaire ring i.e diamond clarity, diamond colour, diamond cut and the carat weight of the solitaire. A solitaire ring consists of only one diamond. Hence people tend to buy large diamonds to make it look unique. But you should also consider the shape of the finger when purchasing a solitaire ring. A small diamond on a beautifully made ring in yellow gold goes well with slender fingers. Whereas a broad ring with a big diamond suits fingers that are large in size. There are rings with a cut on both ends with one single solitaire connecting the ends. A solitaire ring often has a prong setting that gives more important to the diamond that is placed on the centre of the ring. A solitaire ring can also have bezel, flushed, tension and arched settings. A solitaire ring can have vivid shapes. Apart from the classic round one, a solitaire ring can have the shape of a heart, the shape of a crown, an oval shape, a round shape, the shape of a leaf, pear shaped diamond, ,geometrical shapes such as square, rectangle, diamond. The marquise shape is a slim oval shape with pointed ends. The princess diamond is a square with its corners not being trimmed. It is very popular in the section of solitaire engagement rings. The radiant diamond is also a square diamond with barely trimmed corners. A trilliant shape diamond is a triangular shaped diamond. The emerald cut solitaire can be really stunning as it is rectangular in shape with cropped corner giving it a dashing, unique look. The Asscher cut solitaire is a square cut solitaire with cropped corners is very discerning in size. There are many colours available for solitaire rings such as blue diamond, yellow, pink, black as well as white diamonds. Irrespective of its shape, a solitaire will always remain popular as an engagement or wedding ring. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: