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Music Music has a transcendent quality that seems to connect us with our spirits. The calming, meditative power of music has been obvious for a long time. Musical instruments abound, some popular favorites being the electric and acoustic guitar, piano, drum, flute, and saxophone. Listening to a truly beautiful composition with a complex melody can literally bring us to tears. Different types of music create lasting impressions and associations. Music is no doubt an extremely powerful form of expression. But one instrument in particular has the power to create the most striking melodies. Violins are a master instrument for creating moods and adding shape to a musical composition. There are various brands of violins, but the most popular brand is no doubt the Amati violin. The name comes from the Amatis, an Italian family of violin-makers that goes back generations. It began with the patriarch Andrea Amati, and the family trade was passed down through the years to Antonio and Girolamo Amati, followed by Nicolo Amati to the present day. The precision and craftsmanship of the Amati family of violin-makers is unmatched even today when technology has replaced hands at many places. An "Amati violin" does not need words or advertisements to boast of its supremacy and quality; it does it all with a mere movement of the bow over the strings. The luthiers of Italy are popular throughout the world. When Andrea Amati made the first violin in his family, little did he know what the future had in store for him and for his descendants. Such is the craze of the fiddles made by this family, that in Italy the term violin is synonymous with an "Amati-violin". Italian violins are known for the meticulous attention to detail that leads directly to their distinctive sound. Whether they are played in a jazz band, a world class symphony, or as a bluegrass fiddle, the warmth and style of the music will not fail to impress listeners. Even a few thousand words will not suffice to describe the beauty, style and quality of an "Amati violin". After all, how can mere words express the beauty of the musical notes coming from the hand-carved body of an Italian fiddle? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: