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Once a year tourist season   the new board tourism one-stop market – Shanghai channel: original title: three new board one-stop company inventory is a golden week, once a year is tourist season, tourism this year where to go, how to play? China net financial reporter for everyone to do a small point, walk the tourist train on the new board, but also can very with feeling oh! And as we look together! Passenger traffic — Ningbo Gongyun year net profit to break billion when it comes to travel, travel itinerary as starting point and destination connection through the path, is a process that can not be ignored, and in the new three board listed companies, there are 8 companies in the field of passenger transport play their respective role, providing as much as possible may the convenience for passengers. We can see that these companies are basically the time listed in the second half of 2014, and profit from the situation, in addition to the harmonious navigation of consecutive losses, the profitability of other enterprises are very impressive, from just the end of the 2016 annual semi annual report, Yi Yun shares, Wan Liyun industry net profit of over ten million, net profit for Ningbo Gongyun more than 40 million of the net profit topped the list, while Ningbo Gongyun in 2015 of about 127 million yuan, is the passenger transport companies listed on the new board on only one of the annual net profit of 100 million for the company. Accommodation — the business situation uneven in quality after a long or short fatigued by a long journey, finally arrived at the destination, find the rest is when the first priority, Chinese net financial reporter finishing found in the hotel enterprises listed three new board is also a lot of Oh, can be freely selected. In this 11 enterprises, can see the operation of a continuous loss of uneven in quality, Tongli tourism, and shares, continuous profitability of Landscape Hotel, Jun Ting Hotel, Old Well Inn, a turnaround wins high shares also have a net loss for the first half of the total annual amount of more than to the total profits of China Everbright shares. It is worth noting that, even if the continuous profitability of the enterprise, the first half net profit situation, did not significantly increase over the same period last year. Restaurant — the first half of this year, all profitable hunger breeds discontentment, "eat" is an indispensable part of travel, the new three board listed companies catering industry, from meals to desserts, from catering management to service chain, is Qunying, Goods are available in all varieties. Can be seen from the diagram, the 14 listed in the new board of catering enterprises, the vast majority of companies have listed in this year, in terms of geographical distribution, Shanghai’s largest enterprises, accounted for four, followed by 3 in Wuhan. Because the majority of companies listed on the short time, can not see the information reported last year, only from the annual report last year and this year reported the situation, harvest day last year net profit of more than 53 million yuan, the first half of this year net profit of nearly 44 million yuan, the highest in the same period were the top; vanilla vanilla and Huading group meal net profit last year has broken million. From this year’s profitability, all three new board listed catering companies without a loss, last year’s annual loss of nearly 27 million yuan in the first half of this year, looking forward to net profit of more than 11 million yuan. Entertainment — a significant gap between tourism and the purchase of polarization but play in cultural activities and entertainment)相关的主题文章: