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Apple is "now", Moto Z is the "future" – Sohu of science and technology of Beijing time this morning, iPhone7 officially released, almost the same as before the exposure of the information, the appearance of only a small adjustment signal, cancel the 3.5mm headset hole, into the Lightning interface, to upgrade the four core processor, support IP67 7 waterproof, Plus is equipped with dual cameras. These only small adjustments, indeed the achievement of disappointing iPhone, the appearance of no real innovation, the function is not disruptive innovation, iPhone7 does not have any desire to let me order. In contrast, Moto Z, as the founder of the first mobile phone, Moto Z brings disruptive innovation in the modular design for industry. 5.2mm Moto ultimate lightweight Z is equipped with 16 magnetic contacts, the contact can be connected to different modules, to realize more functions, the real mobile phone module design, users can select the modules according to their own preferences, then connect the Moto Z to the "base", can achieve a more unique features. The domestic listed Moto Z also carry 5 modules, including the projector module, JBL module, audio module, Hasselblad camera battery module and so on, the user can according to their own habits collocation module, such as audio enthusiasts, collocation JBL sound module, you can experience more excellent sound quality and high fidelity stereo; photography enthusiasts can choose to let Moto Hasselblad module, Z has ten optical zoom and RAW camera, and the physical shutter can be achieved by focusing and semi professional camera shutter like; and chase drama fans can choose from the projector module, whether it is the office walls, street walls or ceiling home and we have become a "curtain", can throw a 70 inch shock whenever and wherever possible the big screen. Moto Z is not just a mobile phone, through such an interesting module barge connection, has become a more professional weapon! So, when the Note 7 is still proud of the hyperboloid screen, Moto Z may have been connected through the module realization of electronic ink screen reading experience, by connecting second screen, double screen to achieve positive cool experience. When the apple is still with the current market, time to achieve the dual camera on the iPhone7Plus Moto Z has teamed up with photography Rolls-Royce jointly launched the Hasselblad module, so that the Moto Z can become a "photographic" mobile phone, to achieve a ten optical zoom true, RAW shot, let mobile phone from the camera to the sublimation photography stage! So modularity is the representative of the future, Moto Z with their own understanding of the modular industry as a whole has brought a new direction. In fact, a few years ago Google optimistic about modular design, the introduction of the Google Ara, but because the concept of modularity is not advanced enough, although the project failed, but you can see the giants of the modular direction of identity! The Moto Z is really the right idea to do the module!相关的主题文章: