As the general manager of the company online step by step design of to the cashier easily

As the general manager of the company online step by step design of   to the cashier easily cheated 800 thousand yuan – Jiangxi issue orders left and right channel – October 12th, recalled what happened more than and 10 days ago, a Nanchang company cashier Hu Huan (a pseudonym) feel there are many suspicious, regretting why don’t discover? September 27th, Hu Huan received a message from his colleagues transferred to join a QQ group, which is the company’s leadership". In this way, the "general manager" for her assignment, finally took the company 800 thousand yuan. At present, Qingyunpu District police have been involved in the investigation, and the preliminary identification of the money. The first step to leadership [] tone asked cashier QQ group the morning of October 12th, Hu Huan said, her company mainly engaged in engineering equipment, have a certain reputation in the industry, has partnerships with companies outside the province. In September 27th, she received the company back office Huangying (a pseudonym) to the mail, said let her top management add QQ group company. Hu Huan said, the company usually use WeChat group office, did not use the QQ group, she also has a heart, ask the Oriole oriole, said the company person in charge of the sales department Jiamou to mail. The contents of the message display, notify the company’s finance, plus the company’s senior management QQ group, and told the group number, the general manager of Lu Moumou have something to explain. Hu Huan said, which refers to the LV Moumou is the general manager of a cooperative relationship with the company of a Jiangxi Metallurgical Equipment Technology Co. Ltd., she consulted Jiamou, a. Hu Huan also noted that the message shows that the sender is the metallurgical equipment technology co.. Jia said that the company is indeed a million people, and its business dealings. [Second] the group is step after company executives let the cashier put on alert Hu Huan to join the QQ group, found a total of 4 individuals from the QQ name, 3 of whom are shareholders (including the general manager, 2 shareholders), another 1 people do not know. Hu Huan said, the 1 shareholders in the company never see the public shareholders in the group, she really think that this is the company’s top management group. The general manager, while the period of shareholder right in abroad, she also did not ask, think what great things to decorate. September 27th, general manager in the group to the shareholders arranged a task, did not talk with Hu huan. 28 PM to 1 am, "general manager" suddenly asked Hu Huan in the company, and arranged for her with the Guangzhou dam La Trade Co. Ltd. Liu, ask each other previously on a good contract margin call, and gave Liu’s phone number. Hu Huan asked him how much is the contract margin, "general manager" reply is 80 (10000 yuan). Hu Huan then dialed Liu total phone, the other told, has transferred 800 thousand yuan to the general manager of the private account. [Third] to modify the contract that step required to refund after hanging up the phone, Hu Huan told the "general manager", said the other side of the transfer of 800 thousand yuan to the "personal account manager". "General manager" will also be the other transfer receipt sun to Hu Huan, as a result, Hu Huan for Gospel truth. However, at this time, "Liu"相关的主题文章: