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Audi Sport out, most people still do not understand the car about Sohu fanaticism – high performance car, you don’t just stare at the Mercedes Benz AMG and BMW M power, you are not also forget a friend — Audi Sport. On the road, it is definitely one of the rare species, Audi R8 supercar only into China, was released in 2012 of the Audi RS high performance sports car strategy, and brought 5 RS, compared to AMG and M Power two rival, is indeed started later. If your impression of Audi is in the A Q series, the professor has to give you a good science today. Each car Audi Sport are full of strength and pride, they broke the traditional body size limit, with wild dynamic and secular defiance of passion is known, if you love the high performance car, R RS will occupy a place in your heart. The automobile brand can achieve technological breakthroughs, the strength is strong, simple theory can be enough, racing performance is the best proof, Audi Sport inherited a hundred years of racing pedigree, since the beginning of the 1981 birth, he created numerous honors at the track. As of 2013, total DTM track won 61 matches in the 24 hours of Le Mans, the 17 competition, winning 13 times between 1982-1986, in the WRC World Rally Championship 23 times won the championship stage during 1985-1987, Audi won the Pikes Peak three consecutive years. As Professor, Audi won so many awards with the production car, big? The relationship can be big, like Audi proud Quattro AWD technology, TFSI engine technology, e-tron new energy, aerodynamics and so on, are from racing and practice and mature, you say? Audi Sport brand is a muscle, the car gene pure manifestation to the product to the end of last month, Shanghai Guojisaichechang listed R8 V10 Coupé Performance RS, 7 Sportback Performance and the highly anticipated third generation RS 6 Avant Audi Sport confirms the charm of sports place. R8 V10 Coupe Performance in the blood vessels, the blood flow of the race track champion, from the top of the track technology super run. There is a small story is very popular online, the United States salomondrin (nouveau riche brother believe many people have seen his video), reportedly when buying a R8, is an Iron Man movie when drinking, a phase of Audi R8, drunk call out the car, second days sober to know this thing, and also successfully got the car home. BBA as the only true sense of the supercar, who will reject the temptation of R8? RS realize相关的主题文章: