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Female and male friends open house property was swept away by her husband to call each other access crycry

Female and male friends open house property was called her husband to take away the other Fujian Legal Daily – strait law online news September 23rd a woman in Fuzhou open room with male friends, not only the rings, necklaces and other valuable belongings were swept away the other mobile phone, the other even call her husband to pick up the hotel. In the morning of September 21st, the husband and wife had a quarrel in the hotel. The woman was afraid of being hit by her husband and called the police for help. 21, 9 Xu, Fuzhou City store police station received the alarm rushed to the scene, I saw a middle-aged men and women are fierce quarrel. The man was very excited, have been cursed each other "shameless", but also hit, the woman also not resigned to playing second fiddle. Seeing this, the police will persuade both busy. After understanding, that morning, the man Lee suddenly received a phone call from his wife. After the call is connected, a strange man said, Lee’s wife in the Fu Fei Lu Hotel and friends open house, so he went to the hotel to meet people, the other side also said he and his wife Lee is real friends. Hang up the phone, Lee quickly rushed to the hotel, found his wife Xiemou, the two sides dispute. Originally, Xie met a male netizen through WeChat, two people agreed to meet at a hotel in Fu Fei Road, after which she went to take a shower. After washing out from the bathroom, Xie found that rings, necklaces and mobile phones and other properties lost, users also disappeared. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation. (Zhuang Qiaobin) (Fujian rule of law newspaper – strait rule of Law Online) related video: confused women and people "naked chat" refused to open the house, was threatened by men with naked photos, confused women and people "naked chat" refused to open the house, was threatened by men with nude threatening >

女子与男网友开房财物被卷走 对方叫其夫来接人福建法治报-海峡法治在线9月23日讯 福州一女子与男网友开房后,不仅戒指、项链和手机等值钱财物被对方卷走,对方甚至还打电话给她的丈夫到酒店接人。9月21日上午,夫妻俩人在酒店发生争执,女子害怕被老公打连忙报警求助。21日9时许,福州市新店派出所接到报警赶到现场,只见一对中年男女正在激烈争吵。男方情绪非常激动,一直大骂对方“不要脸”,还要动手打人,女方也不甘示弱。见状,民警忙将双方劝开。经了解,当日上午,男子李某突然接到妻子手机打来的电话。电话接通后,一名陌生的男子说,李某的妻子在福飞路的酒店和网友开房,让他到酒店接人,对方还直接说自己就是和李某妻子开房的网友。电话挂断后,李某连忙赶到该酒店,果然找到了妻子谢某,双方发生争执。原来,谢某通过微信认识了一名男网友,两人相约在福飞路某酒店见面,事后她先去洗澡。洗完澡从卫生间出来,谢某发现戒指、项链和手机等财物丢失,网友也不见了。目前,警方已介入调查。(庄巧斌)(福建法治报-海峡法治在线)相关视频:糊涂女与人“裸聊”拒绝开房 被男子用裸照要挟 糊涂女与人“裸聊”拒绝开房 被男子用裸照要挟 >相关的主题文章:

Lianyungang, a man falls down from the mountain, fire officers and soldiers emergency rescue

Lianyungang a man falling from the mountain falls fire brigade and emergency rescue on October 6th in the afternoon at 1:15 PM, Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang city fire command center received the alarm call, in the sea Yuntai Mountain scenic mountain, a man accidentally fell, in need of rescue. Fire command center after receiving the alarm, immediately deploy Xugou to Rescue Squadron officers and soldiers. After more than half an hour of fire officers and soldiers to rescue, the injured were rescued. Xugou fire squadron officers and soldiers received a dispatch command, quickly carry rescue equipment to the scene of the accident rescue. After the contact with the injured family, the trapped person is located about 50 meters away from the mountain, the leg injury has been unable to walk. Fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene found that the injured man’s leg has been arrived in the early 120 medical personnel with splint fixed treatment. The injured and trapped position is an untapped mountain trail, and a vertical highway about 70 degrees to the foot of the road is very steep, there are a lot of stone and the surrounding, brought great difficulties to the rescue work. Time is life! Fire officers and soldiers can not attend the mountain steep, using portable hook and belt, swiftly turn the safety belt fixed on the stretcher, and lift it up, ready to go down. The rugged mountain, two times to prevent damage to the injured, the fire brigade decided by a group of people leading the way in front, behind the rescuers took turns carrying the injured. Fire officers and men carried the wounded carefully, and moved to the mountain. The mountain is very steep, in the face of no supporting point and the ending point of the case, the fire officers and soldiers only hand holding the ground slowly forward, after half an hour of intense relief, the injured was successfully transferred to the mountain, and was carried to an ambulance rushed to hospital. It is understood that the injured man is in Henan, during the National Day holiday and his family came to the Lianyungang sea of Yuntai Mountain tourism, because of the scenic road, took an untapped mountain, accidentally fell, injuring trapped. The fire department to remind the tourists, do not explore the unknown location outside the area of the casual, not alone to the untapped mountain trail, otherwise not only easy to get lost, also prone to injury accidents.

连云港一男子从山上坠落摔伤 消防官兵紧急救援 10月6日下午1时15分许,江苏省连云港市消防指挥中心接到群众报警称,在海上云台山景区的山下,一名男子不慎摔倒,需要救援。消防指挥中心接到报警后,立即调派墟沟中队官兵前往救援。经过消防官兵半个多小时的紧张施救,伤者成功获救。墟沟消防中队官兵接到调度命令后,迅速携带救援器材赶往事故现场救援。经过途中与伤者家人联系得知,被困者位于距离公路约50米的山下,腿部受伤已无法自己行走。消防官兵到场后发现,男子受伤的腿部已被先期到达的120医护人员用夹板进行了固定处理。而伤者被困的位置是一个尚未被开发的山林小道,与公路垂直呈约70度,通往山下的道路十分陡峭,且周围有很多石头,给救援工作带来了很大的困难。时间就是生命!消防官兵顾不上山路的险峻,利用携带的挂钩和腰带,迅速将伤者用安全带固定在担架上,并将其抬起,准备下山。由于山路崎岖难行,为防止对伤者造成二次伤害,消防官兵决定由一组人在前面引路,后面的救援人员轮换着抬伤者。消防官兵们小心翼翼地抬着伤者,艰难地往山下转移。山路十分陡峭,在遇到没有支撑点和落脚点的情况下,消防官兵只能用手撑着地面缓慢前进,经过半个多小时的紧张救援,伤者终于被成功转移至山下,并被抬上救护车送往医院救治。据了解,受伤男子是河南人,国庆长假期间和家人来到连云港海上云台山旅游,因为对景区道路不熟,走了一条尚未开发的山路,不慎摔倒,导致受伤被困。消防部门提醒广大游客,不要随意探索景区外的未知地点,更不要独自前往未被开发的山间小路,否则不但容易迷路,还极易发生受伤等意外。相关的主题文章:

Flying roller coaster Hsu Chi NUPI life to take a joke winpm

Flying roller coaster Hsu Chi NUPI: take life a joke Hsu Chi after seeing reports said: "why, ablaze with anger made a joke of the unit passengers life, urged the typhoon pilots and all the crew have a holiday". Hsu Chi blasted the airline Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Mei Ji 27 strong typhoon hit Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, many flights were delayed or canceled, but airlines also braved the wind and rain off as usual, but it has attracted a lot of people cursed regardless of the safety of personnel on board, the usual attention to current events and the goddess Hsu Chi also bluntly, simply take life joking. Hsu Chi in the face book posted a description of passengers by EVA flight such as "Wrath of God" (roller coaster) news, the passengers said the captain tried to land in Songshan two times, the fuselage cabin is full of violent shaking, screaming and vomiting taste, even faint, fortunately most after landing in Taichung Airport Gang the situation is quite dangerous. Hsu Chi saw the report, said: "why ablaze with anger made a joke of the unit passengers life, urged the typhoon pilots and all the crew have a holiday", felt that this very angry, put all the transfer many netizens express identity, also mentioned that the ground crew hard, helpless sigh "fly some people call will fly".

搭飞机如云霄飞车 舒淇怒批:拿生命开玩笑   舒淇看到报道后,怒气冲冲表示:“为什么要拿全机组乘客人员的生命开玩笑,强烈要求台风天机师和所有机组人员们也要放假”。 舒淇炮轰航空公司   新浪娱乐讯 据台湾媒体报道,台风梅姬27日强势袭台,桃园机场许多航班因此受到延误或取消,但也有航空公司不畏风雨照常起飞,不过此举却引来不少人大骂不顾机上人员安全,平常关注时事的女神舒淇,也直言简直是拿生命在开玩笑。   舒淇在脸书转贴一则乘客描述搭长荣班机如“大怒神”(云霄飞车)的新闻,该名乘客表示机长试图降落在松山两次,当下机身剧烈摇晃,机舱尽是尖叫声和呕吐味,甚至还有人昏倒,所幸最后在台中清泉冈机场降落,状况相当惊险。   舒淇看到报道后,怒气冲冲表示:“为什么要拿全机组乘客人员的生命开玩笑,强烈要求台风天机师和所有机组人员们也要放假”,感觉得出对此相当气愤,贴文一出让不少网友表示认同,也有人提到地勤人员的辛苦,无奈叹“飞不飞都会有人骂”。相关的主题文章:

Anniversary woman killed her husband derailment of first instance Pipanwuqi hyuna

"Anniversary" woman killed her husband derailment of first instance Pipanwuqi Justice Network Xiangtan on 13 October, (reporter Yao En Ming) 12:30 at noon on October 11, 2016, in Hunan Province, Xiangtan City Intermediate People’s Court of criminal trial, the presiding judge with crisp gavel falls, aged 44 years old, junior high school culture, who lives in Hunan, Xiangtan province a city Yuhu village health room owners, the defendant Chen Xitao suspicion of manslaughter was sentenced to life imprisonment for approval. "I pleaded guilty and I was willing to accept legal sanctions." On the dock, Chen Xitao, with a contrite face, bowed his head in shame, expressing his sincere repentance. What is the grudge? Let the marriage from acquaintance, cohabitation, through 23 years of life the middle-aged couples, in the new year’s Day "anniversary" the next morning, his wife to sleep unfeeling husband, raised his hammer and knife? In January 2, 2016, new year’s day the next day at 7 pm. "Help! Help!" a young girl shouts across the silent sky at dawn. All the neighbours with sleepy eyes up, go out to look, I saw the village health room master’s two daughter horror stand on their own in front of the house for help. Then, the hostess Chen Xitao holding a fruit knife with blood rushed out of the room, want to throw pond suicide. All the neighbors hurried while still wearing pajamas Chen Xitao. When the town police station rushed to the health room on the 2 floor of the bedroom, the picture greets a bloody scene: Chen Xitao, the 45 year old husband, the clinic doctor Xu bloodied fell dead. On the same day, Chen Xitao was under criminal detention by the police. In 1992, Chen Xitao, a 21 year old female worker in a textile mill in Xiangtan, met with Xu, a medical doctor, and soon fell into love with two people. Chen quit her job with her boyfriend and acted as an amateur nurse in her boyfriend’s health room". 1995 new year’s day, two people come to fruition, Chen Xitao Xu gave birth to daughter (aged 21), daughter (aged 10), youngest son (aged 5). According to Chen Xitao, she gave birth to two daughters by birth, he hid him, heard his husband and the postpartum woman home after a shop nearby. But this time Chen Xitao did not work their own family life, all rely on the husband health room income of husband derailed, had to forbear. When the husband hope son finally came to the family, Chen Xitao is confident of tribute, often have to go out of the husband or the "Limited home visits", lest the Xu family "pillar" heart belongs to him. If the husband does not return more than when Chen Xitao called Xu Jactitation: "do not go home, let your son in the rain." Xu distressed son, always dare not go one step beyond. The wheel of time soon over 2015. In May of this year, Chen Xitao found that Xu often chat with a woman’s mobile phone, and voice ambiguous, the husband’s daily behavior is also abnormal. Then, a family car in a city park to play, Chen Xitao will spur of the moment Xu drove away on an excuse to take the "rub" tracking, which results in a hospital in the city outside, and a nurse in a husband, and their age women talking, like very close. Subsequently, Chen Xitao found another two pictures in Xu’s mobile phone.

“结婚纪念日”女子杀出轨丈夫 一审被判无期正义网湘潭10月13日电(通讯员 姚恩明)2016年10月11日中午12时30分,在湖南省湘潭市中级人民法院刑事审判庭,随着审判长清脆的法槌落下,现年44岁、初中文化、家住湖南省湘潭市雨湖区某村卫生室的女业主、被告人陈喜桃因涉嫌故意杀人罪被一审批判处无期徒刑。“我认罪,愿意接受法律制裁。”在被告席上,面带悔意的陈喜桃惭愧地低下了头,表示真诚悔罪。是什么恩怨?让一对从相识、同居、结婚,相携走过23载人生路的中年夫妻,在元旦“结婚纪念日”次日凌晨,妻子竟绝情向睡梦中的丈夫,举起了铁锤和水果刀?2016年1月2日,元旦次日凌晨7时许。“救命!救命!”一个稚嫩的女孩呼喊声划过拂晓寂静的天空。睡眼迷离的众邻居闻声惊起,外出一看,只见村卫生室主人的二女儿惊恐地站在自家屋前呼救。紧接着,又见女主人陈喜桃手握一把带血的水果刀从房内奔出,欲投塘自尽。众邻居急忙将此时仍身穿睡衣的陈喜桃拖住。当该镇派出所民警接警赶至卫生室2楼的卧室时,一幕血腥的画面映入眼帘:陈喜桃现年45岁的丈夫、该卫生室医生徐某浑身血污倒地身亡。当日,陈喜桃即被警方刑事拘留。1992年,时年21岁的湘潭某纺织厂女工陈喜桃,与学医的徐某相识,二人很快便堕入爱河。陈索性辞去工作与男友同居,在男友的卫生室充当起了“业余护士”。1995年元旦,二人终成正果,陈喜桃为徐某先后生了大女儿(现年21岁)、次女(现年10岁)、小儿子(现年5岁)。据陈喜桃称,她生二女儿时因系计划外生育,便躲身他处,产后回家后就风闻老公与附近店铺一女人有染。但此时的陈喜桃寻思自己没了工作,全家生活皆依靠老公的卫生室收入,对老公的出轨,只好隐忍不发。当丈夫盼望的小儿子终于来到这个家庭后,陈喜桃自信居功至伟,对经常要外出出诊的老公还是“限时归家”,深恐徐某这个家庭的“顶梁柱”心有他属。如遇老公逾时不归,陈喜桃曾致电徐某诈称:“还不回家,就让你儿子在外淋雨。”心疼幼子的徐某,始终不敢越雷池一步。时间的车轮很快辗过2015年。这年5月间,陈喜桃发现徐某经常与一女子手机聊天,且语音暧昧,老公的日常行为也反常。于是,一次全家开私家车去市内某公园游玩时,陈喜桃便起意对借故驾车离开的徐某乘“摩的”跟踪,结果在市内某医院门外,窥见老公与一身着护士服,与自己年龄相仿的女子相谈甚欢,状极亲密。随后,陈喜桃又在徐某手机中发现二人合影。想到自己与徐某已是有5口之家的夫妻,为打好这场“婚姻保卫战”,陈喜桃自信“铁证”在握,便带着打印的二人手机照片,独自找到该医院两位负责人怒斥“护士服”是破坏其家庭的“小三”。但该两位负责人却称此系员工个人私事不好干预,但会择机做其思想工作。然而,陈喜桃此举虽逞一时之快,却进一步加深了与丈夫的婚姻危机。事实上,与陈喜桃同岁、在老公手机中与其合影的“护士服”张兰(化名)仅比她小8个月,与徐某曾是小学同学,二人从小同在一村长大,“青梅竹马”多年,本欲结“秦晋之好”,奈何张父“棒打鸳鸯”,遂抱憾各自成家。2015年5月,与徐某卫生室同村居住的张父患关节炎,张兰因其家在市内来往交通不便,便委托老同学徐某就近医治并关照。在徐某精心治疗下,张父很快痊愈,徐某却不收分文,让张兰感激不尽,二人来往日密。且双方都对自己的婚姻不满,于是便有了“共吐苦水”之谊。不料,陈喜桃到其医院找其领导“讨说法”之后,二人“绯闻”举院皆知,反而促使张兰与徐某感情升温。本与妻子不睦的张夫借此与张兰离婚之后,先成单身的张兰便与徐某旧爱重拾,二人自然也有了越过同学友谊的计划,并约定徐某向陈喜桃提出离婚后二人结婚。让陈喜桃没想到的是,自己本欲挽回老公对家庭的责任心。却因方法欠妥,反而将老公推向了情敌的怀抱。此后半年间,老公经常神秘失踪,出门一身衣,回家又是另一身衣。据张兰向警方称,徐某向陈喜桃提出离婚遭拒后,决意分手之下还咨询了律师,准备向法院提起诉讼。为达到目的,徐某此后果然每晚与陈喜桃别室分床而睡。2016年元旦之夜,苦心孤诣的陈喜桃打算借二人20周年的“结婚纪念日”,与老公重修旧好。岂知,直至次日凌晨3时,外出打牌的徐某才归家。当苦等通宵的陈喜桃来至2楼老公的卧室,向徐某委婉提出同床睡时,徐某却坚称他要对双方关系已不一般的张兰负责,拒绝了陈喜桃的要求。于是,在已熟睡的老公床边枯坐至天明的陈喜桃,此时万念俱灰,想到若与老公离婚后,自己带着三个子女的生活将举步维艰,还不如现在就与变心的老公同归于尽。横心一下,陈喜桃便来至自家杂物间取出铁锤和桌上的水果刀,先锤击徐某头部数下致其惊醒后,又持水果刀连续猛刺徐某胸部、肩部多处。后经法医刑事医学技术鉴定:死者徐某系被他人用单刃刺器刺戳胸部致左心室前壁裂创、双肺多处破裂引起急性大量出血致失血性休克合并双侧血气胸而死亡。相关的主题文章:

Dali Jianchuan, Simon Street for years and the vicissitudes of life – tourism Sohu aspack

Dali Jianchuan, Simon Street for years and the vicissitudes of life – Sohu Travel Inn right is a very deep lane, it was the day before yesterday evening from another intersection in Jianchuan a Horse Inn, the surrounding environment is not very familiar with, they walk out early in the morning, I seem to walk into history and time, all of a sudden surprise! I don’t know what is the oldest in Jianchuan Simon Street, this is the Jianchuan County some streets, seemingly tattered, vicissitudes of life helpless, but its glory has gone through more than and 500 years, up to now there are nine buildings of the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty building many, all hidden in this city streets and wells, unfortunately I did not know at this time. First let me surprise is not these old buildings and tactful streets, but every door stickers on the antithetical couplet. Did not care, with no where not antithetical couplet, stick, especially during the Spring Festival, every family should be posted, is mainly the Jianchuan Bai, they especially love to stick on, writing is auspicious and look forward to the text in the house and the door, I’m not a sensible man. I found that there are artificial writing antithetical couplet, instead of printing products to buy, not only manual writing, household contents are different, are written in different ways, in addition to seek peace, mostly advised people to emphasize the importance of reading or reading. If there are weddings and funerals, more charm and his poetic couplet. Let me see the antithetical couplet culture massiness and Jianchuan general that the streets of human history has made me curious, I want to go to see, as an early shopping man walked into a courtyard. Don’t want to go into a convent. The old man told me that the building is the Qing Dynasty, with a history of 200 years, until before the cultural revolution or a nun and incense. When the Cultural Revolution destroyed the Buddha, the nun disbanded, several nuns have no place was faithful secretly shelter, until dead. The old man said that he was moved here in 70s to live, now want to restore the masses around the temple, tenants are also willing to let out, but need millions of dollars but cannot raise, if not repaired, this old house is not very long. In fact, such a dilapidated old house, there are a lot of Simon Street, elsewhere may be the relics, but Jianchuan County history is too heavy, too much, just silently "dry" in there. There is a schoolbag in the courtyard student entry, curious in see a child in the hair, he said on the edge of the Jianchuan in high school, the students are here to rent, convenient to read. In fact, many houses did not live, some outside work, some moved into the building, the old house is not comfortable, only some old people still cling to the… Kawa Akitada temple was built in 1629, Xu Xiake had to worship, and travel records. Now the national level cultural relics protection unit. But it’s being repaired. You can’t go in. Look at the Jianchuan woodcarving craft, beautiful! A paste like Chairman Mao to break on the gable, caught my attention, I am curious into the family. The room is very messy, with several like Chairman mao. The host warmly welcomed me into the room and asked me what I wanted to do with the chairman.相关的主题文章:

Lust in order to meet the fashionable family National Day travel! (video) bloxorz

"Lust" in order to meet the "fashionable family" National Day travel! Throughout the summer, almost forget there is a specialty called "haze empire"! Perhaps because of the summer climate, the weather is sunny and blue 80%, but will fall, "King haze" began to slowly wake up! So, while taking advantage of the haze before the next day, the National Day holiday to go to the eye to save a little bit of color bar! Morocco –Chefchaouen Xiao an throughout the summer before, almost forget there is a product called "imperial capital, haze"! Perhaps because of the summer climate, 80% of the weather is clear blue, but with the fall and winter season, the obvious sense of fog and haze began to slowly wake up! So, while the haze is still in the future, the National Day holiday to go to the eyes to save a little color! Italy – National Day holiday will come to Burano, but this year the number of holidays, presumably a lot of people began thinking about it on this tour. Whether domestic or foreign travel, basically are far away from the city, such as: seaside, mountain climbing, etc.. But today you seal to recommend to you some color is gorgeous, colorful city. This style is obvious, the color of the humanities color city, more romantic than the sea, more quiet and comfortable than the mountains, but also angry, put Buddha living in oil painting. Dongyu Zhou PK Zheng Shuang for the top pole leg 90 small artistes staged nirvana in Italy – Italy – Italy – blano blano Burano – Italy: Burano sometimes wondered what created such a unique and full of love for life place! And such people are so romantic, warm, comfortable, love life! Are all artists, so the United States is how to think of the color mix. Here you can not only according to their favorite color to choose the house, but also can not be heavy". Bruno is a small island in Italy under the jurisdiction of Venice under the handmade lace and embroidery products and other characteristics of art, so Bruno also known as the "island of lace". The residents here like to paint their houses colorful, and these colorful houses one by one to form a rainbow like alley, very beautiful. We live under high pressure, has been longing for the kind of "facing the sea, spring of life, although there is little sea vast magnificent, but the river of romance and calm, very suitable for relaxation.相关的主题文章: